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Meruem - Hunter x Hunter

Meruem was the most powerful descendant of the Queen of Chimera Ants and the King of Chimera Ants. He is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ants arc.

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Meruem seems quite humanoid for an ant. His appearance is a tribute to another famous Anime antagonist: Cell from Dragon Ball Z, written and drawn by Akira Toriyama (he also resembles Frieza, another Dragon Ball Z antagonist). Meruem is quite muscular, despite his relatively small frame compared to his henchmen. He has two long appendages stemming from his earlobes and a large carapace armor on his head that resembles a helmet. There are dark pigmented areas on his arms, legs, chest and head. Meruem is always barefoot. He also has a powerful tail equipped with a stinger that serves as a weapon. It is important to note that the hands and feet have only four fingers each.


Meruem is initially seen as a cruel and violent leader. The queen's intention to give birth to perfect offspring is reflected in Meruem's mentality, being arrogant towards everyone. He speaks eloquently and has refined his taste for one of his species. He considers himself superior to all other life forms, and cares nothing for his dying mother after his birth. Meruem is also ruthless, killing and cannibalizing any chimera ant he deems disrespectful, although he still respects the strong, congratulating Neferpitou on surviving an attack that killed many without too much damage.

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As the story progresses, Meruem reluctantly begins to respect Komugi, a human woman. Over time, he even takes care of her and loves her, since she was the only one who made him smile or laugh. From then on, Meruem begins to question the differences between ants and humanity. He struggles with his identity as half-human and half-insect, questioning the nature of violence and force as true power.

He's highly skilled and picks things up with surprising speed, being able to master any form of tabletop game in just ten games and easily defeat world champions. Meanwhile, we see him display a code of honor and disapproval of winning unfairly, as shown when he rips off her left arm after placing a bet with Komugi to scare her into interrupting her game and even allows her to rest so she can be hers. best his talent because he sees no reason to win otherwise.

Hunter x Hunter: cinco personajes de anime que pueden matar a Meruem

After a brief loss of memory, he seems to be much more respectful and close to his subordinates after feeding some of them while he was dying, as he can sense things they can sense and easily tell if they're hiding something or not. from him, but at the same time you can sense their loyalty to him, causing him to test their loyalty before considering punishing them, all the more so if they answer honestly even if it might admit to a miscalculation.



Meruem is the penultimate ant born to the queen and is the king of the chimera ants. He was born prematurely, forcibly broken through his abdomen. According to chimera ant sociology, on the occasion of the king's birth, the royal guard will simply follow his orders, and the guard and king will leave the nest to find various creatures to mate and fertilize in order to create the next chimera ant. Queen. Shortly after her birth, Meruem leaves her original nest at NGL with her royal guards in search of a place to start her kingdom. Her name means "the light that illuminates all".

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Skills and Powers

Meruem is by far the most powerful of the chimera ants, and is considered the most powerful character in the series. Even before he absorbed Yippee and Poof, Meruem was already extremely strong. He effectively withstands the thousands of attacks launched against him by Netero , one of the world's most powerful human warriors, without suffering a single scratch. And Netero's Zero Hand , which expends all its aura in an intensified explosion, could barely give him cuts and bruises; he didn't even use Nen against Netero . His power also increased dramatically after absorbing Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, two of the strongest chimera ants shown so far.

Immense speed and reflexes: Meruem can tear off limbs and destroy entire bodies in less than an instant. He can move at extremely fast speeds as in the fight against Netero despite Netero having launched several attacks at him, he then proceeded to tear off Netero's left arm and right leg in an instant for also having dodged his faster-than-sound blows. After absorbing Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, he acquired the ability to fly, enabling him to travel at supersonic speeds in a matter of seconds.

  • Enhanced perception: Time spent playing gungi with Komugi has considerably strengthened his perception skills and given him supernatural foresight, as he can effectively disrupt the flow of his opponents.
    Skilled in hand-to-hand combat: Meruem relies almost exclusively on swift bare-handed strikes, including his deadly tail. He can decapitate anyone in an instant.
  • Agility: Meruem can move from one angle to another with dexterity.
    Immense durability: Meruem is extremely durable, having withstood thousands of Netero's incredibly powerful supersonic blows, wearing down slowly and unobtrusively, but feeling pain in some areas of his body. He was also able to cope with Netero's most powerful move, the Zero Hand, which explodes Netero's entire aura on his opponent and received only cuts and bruises. He was able to survive the ultra-powerful Old Man's Rose blast that was released after Netero's death as debris, and although he almost destroyed his body in the process, he was still "alive" (if he was told). as a representation of a lump of coal and a mutilated humanoid figure) after the deadly attack.
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    • Meruem's starting ability gives him strength through consumption. Meruem's aura grows every time he devours a Nen user, his aura synthesizing its own.
      After absorbing a large portion of Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, he is able to use Menthuthuyoupi's transformative ability, gaining wings to fly. This enables him to fly at a speed that, according to Shaiapouf, would take 15 minutes in just 5 minutes.
    • After absorbing much of Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, he is able to use and develop Shaiapouf's spiritual message ability. This secondary ability enables him to transform his aura into photons. Each photon retains its aura, enabling Meruem to measure form, quality, emotion and other informative content about the things with which the photons interact, and as Welfin and Shaiapouf have stated, he can know everything, even lies. The accuracy of the information it can gather depends on the number of photons directed at the object of interest. Meruem deploys these photons in his En in an instant, and is then able to move instantly towards anything the photons strike.
    • Meruem's name comes from the Arabic مريم, which can be romanized as Maryam or Meryem, and is equivalent to the English name Mary.
      In Viz's translation of volume 21, the Chimera Queen gives her name as "Meryem". This is changed to "Meruem" in her translation of volume 28. The Japanese Hunter × Hunter media also feature this romanization of her name.

    Meruem: Hunter x Hunter's Lesson in Power - YouTube


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