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Ranking of Akatsuki's Best Fights in Naruto!

For over a decade, Naruto was one of the world's most popular anime and manga series, and it's still going strong even though it ended in 2014. Fans love the series because it tells a decent, fun story with plenty of battles. and interesting characters. Like many shonen series, Naruto has a group of very powerful villains known as the Akatsuki.

For the most part, the Akatsuki consisted of ten rogue ninjas from various villages, and they each possessed incredible skills and dangerous jutsu. The organization served as the antagonist for much of the series, and each member had the chance to shine every time they fought. Each Akatsuki member had more than one fight, and each had a fight that stood out from the rest.

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6/ Deidara versus Sasuke

Deidara was forced to join the Akatsuki after suffering an embarrassing defeat to Itachi, which led him to develop a grudge against the Uchiha. This was the main reason why Deidara went after Itachi's younger brother, and it didn't help that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru.

Deidara had the kekkei genkai Explosion Release and used animated clay creatures. Sasuke was able to counter these clay bombs with his Lightning Release and Sharingan. Deidara wouldn't be denied though, and he turned himself into a bomb. This was probably Naruto's most poetic villain death.

5/ Kakuzu versus Shikamaru and Team 10

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Kakuzu once fought the 1st Hokage, and used the Earth Grudge Fear technique, a forbidden jutsu that turned him into a rag doll. This jutsu enabled him to store hearts and use them as his own, making him very difficult to take down.

Kakuzu was 90 years old, and his fighting experience showed as he was able to take on Kakashi in their brief taijutsu exchange. Shikamaru used his intellect to outwit him, which had to happen, otherwise Kakuzu would have easily killed Choji and Ino.

4/ Sasori versus Sakura and Chiyo

Sasori may have been the first Akatsuki member to die, but he was an exceptionally gifted ninja who mastered the Sand Village puppet technique. He fought Sakura and Chiyo, who happened to be his grandmother and another puppeteer.

This fight literally had four impressive stages. First he fought them inside his Hirako puppet, then he used his third Kazekage puppet with its iron sand. After fighting them with his human puppet form, Sasori used his 100 best puppets to attack Sakura and Chiyo's 10 best puppets. This final phase is still considered one of the best fights in the entire series.

3/ Obito versus Kakashi

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Obito wanted a world where Rin was alive, so he assumed the identity of Madara and followed the Eye of the Moon plan. This led to the formation of the Akatsuki, which he officially joined as Tobi, the immature, playful ninja. His best battle came in the 4th Great Ninja War, where he fought Kakashi.

The battle took place in the Kamui dimension, and at the time Obito possessed the Rinnegan and his Sharingan. The battle was short and featured some crisp ninjutsu and taijutsu. What made the fight so special was the relationship between the old friends, especially as it included a flashback of them training as children.

2/ Itachi versus Sasuke

Itachi and Sasuke are two of Naruto's most popular characters, but more importantly, they're brothers. Sasuke believed Itachi had killed their entire clan for his own selfish reasons and swore to kill him. In truth, Itachi did it to prevent a civil war that would have destroyed their village.

Their final battle took place in an ancient Uchiha hideout, and began with a genjutsu face-off. They then moved on to ninjutsu, which included shuriken, fire and Amaterasu. The emotional battle ended with Sasuke using Kirin and the spectators seeing Itachi's Susanoo for the first time. Itachi pushed his brother to the limit, all so that he could free Sasuke from Orochimaru's cursed mark.

1/ Pain versus Naruto

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Most fans would say that Pain is Naruto's best villain, which is understandable given that his ultimate goal was to bring true peace to the ninja world. Jiraiya trained Pain and Naruto, and Pain killed him when he entered the Rain Village. That battle was impressive, but his fight with Naruto was even better.

Naruto used his newly mastered Sage mode to quickly dispose of five of Pain's bodies. Eventually, Naruto was overpowered by Pain, but things became more even when Naruto lost control of Nine-Tails, which was not surprising since Pain destroyed the leaf, killed Kakashi and seriously injured Hinata. In the end, Naruto won thanks to his shadow clones and Rasengan.



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