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Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck is Killua's father and the current head of the Zoldyck family in the Hunter x Hunter anime.

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Silva is a tall, muscular man in very good physical condition. He has long ashen silver hair (blond in the 2011 anime), blue cat eyes, and is always dressed in sleeveless or short-sleeved shōzoku shinobi gear and wears a pair of bracelets.

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Silva is a very quiet, calm and thoughtful person. He has very little interaction with his son Killua, but he has high hopes for him and has made Killua the heir to the family. Because of this, he has raised his son to believe that the only thing that sustains him is darkness, and that the only pleasure in the world is to cause the death of others. Silva then allowed Killua to accompany Gon on his journey to find his father, but only because he saw it as a crucial step in Killua's development as heir to the Zoldyck family.

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Silva is Zeno's only son and was born to an anonymous mother. He is also Maha's only great-grandson. Little is known of his childhood, but he was trained from an early age in the art of assassination, which gave him abilities such as strong resistance to almost all types of poison and a high tolerance to electricity. Later in life, he married his wife Kikyo , another contract killer, and fathered five children with her. Some time before the series began, he killed an unknown member of the Gen'ei Ryodan and fought their leader, Chrollo Lucilfer .

Silva makes his first appearance in conversation with Killua . He asks his son about the new friends he made during the Hunter exam and what he thought of it. Killua replies that he never wanted to be a Hunter, but that he enjoyed the exam and the company of his new friends. Silva admits that she raised him the same way he was raised, but he didn't realize how different they are, so he wants his son to be happy doing what he loves most.

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Silva allows Killua to reunite with his friends, but first Killua has to take a blood oath, pledging never to betray his friends. After Killua leaves home, we see him arguing with his wife, Kikyo Zoldyck , who doesn't approve of his decision to let him go, since Irumi had tried so hard to bring her Killua home, but Silva tells her to keep quiet, since Killua will return home sooner or later, since he's her son.

Silva appears when his son Killua returns home. He wants to see Alluka to save Gon. However, Silva disagrees, as Alluka's powers are dangerous and he even refers to him as if he were an object. After Killua convinces him, Silva takes him to his room, which is in a dark corridor, and the doors are locked with a 10-digit security code. Before Killua enters, Silva asks his son to repeat the rules for using Alluka's power, but he's very worried about him anyway.

After Alluka has made three requests of Killua, he is supposed to make his wish. However, Killua insists that he wants to get out of here with her. Silva disagrees and tells him he has to make his wish inside the room. Killua then asks his brother that if they're not off the property in 30 minutes, their mother, Kikyo, will die. Silva has no choice but to let them go. Killua realizes that he has angered his father when he sees that he has sent Tsubone, as he is his trusted butler.

While Illumi is being transported to the Zoldyck mansion, Silva tells Tsubone that the mission to watch Killua has been cancelled.

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Skills and Powers

As the principal assassin of the infamous Zoldyck family, Silva is highly skilled in unarmed combat, having been trained in the art of assassination from an early age. He was also able to assassinate a member of the Ghost Brigade and fought Chrollo, although the outcome of this battle is unknown.

Immense Strength: He has enormous physical strength thanks to his training, as shown by his fall from the sky crushing Cheetu's head in a single blow that created a large crater and caused a purple explosion that may have been due to a Nen ability. . When fighting Chrollo, his blows, though blocked, were strong enough to destabilize his enemy.

Immense speed: Killua mentioned that he could rip someone's heart out so fast that it wouldn't even bleed.

Improved durability: Silva's body cannot be cut by normal swords, and his hair is so strong that it acts as a tourniquet.

Poison immunity: Poison is useless against Silva: When Chrollo tried to poison him using Benny's knife, Silva drew the poison from the wound and continued to fight without problem, although he had to apply a tourniquet. Chrollo was shocked, as 0.1 grams of this toxin is enough to paralyze a whale.

Master of hand-to-hand combat: Silva can rip a human's heart out in no time. He fights with his hands and legs, making the most of his strength. When fighting alongside his father, he sacrifices his balance for greater power, knowing that his father will be there to cover him.

Capacities Nen

Silva can transform his aura into two large balls that possess destructive power after being emitted, showing that he uses both transformation and emission. Since he used a lot of Nen to crush Cheetu, it follows that he's very good at summoning his aura and that he's good at using In.

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