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Tobio Kageyama

10 Harsh Realities Of Being Tobio Kageyama In Haikyuu!

Tobio Kageyama is a member of the Karasuno High School volleyball club. In the club, he is a setter. He was originally nicknamed "The King of the Court" by his teammates at Kitagawa Daiichi High School. Despite his personality, he is considered a true prodigy or absolute genius by many players and coaches in the prefecture.

After joining Karasuno, he managed to change his attitude with the help of his friends, and tried to rediscover the feeling of playing as part of a team rather than alone.

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At his old school, he was commonly known by his nickname "The King of the Field", infamous for his arrogant attitude and inability to cooperate with his teammates, preferring to boss them around. He played with his team against Hinata's and won the match:(25 - 5, 25 - 8).

Kageyama had bad experiences at his former school. His selfish attitude and desire to win didn't sit well with his teammates. During a match, Kageyama gave them orders to win and was too demanding. His team-mates, annoyed, refused to receive his passes, which were far too fast for them, and left the field, leaving him alone. The coach had to replace him, which deeply traumatized Tobio.

Once he arrived at Karasuno High School, he became upset when people called him by his nickname or referred to his former behavior, as he was afraid that his team would abandon him once again.

Season 1

At the start of her first year at Karasuno, Hinata spots him at the gym. Just after their reunion, Daichi, Sugawara and Tanaka arrive and recognize Kageyama immediately. They are curious, and don't understand why "The King of the Court" came to Karasuno when there were schools with far more famous volleyball teams. Hinata, feeling completely left out of the conversation, shouts out loud that he is present and that he will be Karasuno's champion.



Daichi explains that they shouldn't be enemies but partners, but neither of them listens to him, which irritates the captain. When Hinata challenges Kageyama, the latter sends an extremely powerful serve that Tanaka himself admits he wouldn't have known how to receive. Kageyama returned the serve a second time, but the ball bounced off the club supervisor's head, removing the wig from his head and landing on Daichi's head. The latter, known for his kindness but who becomes terrifying when annoyed, takes Kageyama and Hinata's applications and gives them back, kicks them out and says he doesn't want to see them again until their relationship has improved. Hinata and Kageyama beg him from behind the door, but there's no answer. Desperate, Kageyama promises he'll try to get along with Hinata, Daichi opens the door and asks if what he says is true. Frightened, Kageyama tells the truth and says that he himself will make the team win and that they don't need Hinata.
After that, they stay outside while thinking of a way to get into the volleyball club. Kageyama then proposes to challenge the volleyball club to a match, to show them that he can get along with Hinata. The club agrees, making Tanaka play with them, and Daichi also imposes the condition that if they lose the match, they'll be accepted into the club, but Kageyama will never play setter for the team. This upsets Kageyama, but he accepts the condition. After their interview with the volleyball club, Hinata asks Kageyama why he likes being a setter, saying that strikers are "classier". Kageyama then gets angry and screams in Hinata's face that setters are the control towers of a team, that they hold the ball the longest and starts explaining the setter's job in a match, to make Hinata understand why he wants to be a setter...

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They then stay outside, complaining that they want to go inside and play. At the end of the day, Tanaka, who knows that Kageyama and Hinata are still outside, asks Sugawara (speaking loudly, so that they can hear) what time the next day's training session is, to which Sugawara replies that it will be at 7 a.m., as usual. Kageyama and Hinata, having understood the message, decide to come at 5am the next day to train before the others arrive, even though they have no right to do so.

Kageyama and Hinata arrive the next day, but they can't open the door because it's locked. Tanaka arrives and opens the door for them, but they start arguing over who gets in first.

They begin training, also helped by Sugawara who has joined them in understanding what Tanaka wanted to do. Hinata tries to convince Kageyama to give him a pass, but he refuses because he doesn't think Hinata is strong enough to win the team and score points.

Later, Kageyama, buying a drink from a vending machine, overhears Hinata and Sugawara talking about him, and Hinata's wish to beat him and become the best.

After class, Kageyama tells Hinata that he's found a place to train, near the soccer club.They train together until night falls, when Kei Tsukishima interrupts their training and provokes Kageyama, saying that he's going to win their 3-on-3 match. He calls him a "king", which angers Kageyama, who grabs Tsukki by the collar, before releasing him and leaving without saying anything. Hinata then defends Kageyama, catching the ball Tsukki had taken from them and telling him to leave Kageyama alone, and that they were going to win the 3-on-3.

Hinata trained hard over the next few days. So, on the morning before their match, he is able to catch Kageyama's serve with no problem.

They train hard, and Hinata reaches his limit when Kageyama thinks he's ready and decides to pass to him. Hinata is happy, and hits his first pass from Kageyama with a big smile.

On the morning of the day of their match, Kageyama is seen walking and Hinata coming with speed behind him. Their run to the gym, when they arrive they are already tired and Tanaka comments on this.

Their match begins with Tanaka with Kageyama drawing, when Hinata tried scoring, he got blocked by Tsukishima continuously. Due to this contincontinues Tsukishima appeal and fun of Kageyama him the "king", but he got defended by Hinata when Tsukishima started talking about lost game of Kageyama when nobody came to dope his draw.

10 Best Things About Tobio Kageyama

The match continues and Kageyama thinks about spiking Tanaka, but Hinata comes from behind and instinctively throws at him, although Hinata has spiked the ball, it ended up out of bounds.

Kageyama thought of another way to beat their opponents, explaining a fast attack to Hinata in a strange way. Kageyama throws the ball but Hinata isn't able to catch it and starts shouting at him only to stop halfway. Then Sugawara comes along and explains to Kageyama to try and synchronize with Hinata's movements. He thinks of her and then tells her to use her strongest raise, and her best speed because he'll be using all his abilities. Hinata doesn't understand, but again, he jumps and points with his eyes closed. He gets the bullet time first, but keeps moving in his face the next few times. Kageyama realizes it's not easy, but it's fun and smiles. But Hinata yells at him to smile as her cheek still hurts from receiving the ball in her face.

They started with their fast attack and attacks with Tanaka, thanks to Hinata who served as a decoy.

And so they won the game with the score of the second series 25-21.

In the end, Daichi and Sugawara were surprised because they hadn't expected Hinata and Kageyama to coordinate so well. Afterwards, they were accepted into the club and received their black uniforms the same day.


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