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Äs Nödt

Äs Nödt

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Äs Nödt (Esu Noto) is a Quincy as well as one of the Stern Ritters of Yhwach's army, the Vandenreich. He has the epithet "The Fear". By virtue of his position and actions, he is a major antagonist in the Millennium Blood War, being one of the central antagonists in the first two battles.

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Äs Nödt has long black hair and dark eyes without eyebrows. The lower part of his face is hidden by a black mask with spikes. He wears a special outfit of his own, with spikes all over, below the white Stern Ritters garb, which is particularly long in his case. His hands are slender, with raised veins and black fingernails.

During his fight against Rukia, we discover that under his mask, Äs Nödt has no lips, leaving his teeth and part of his gums visible, adding a terrifying aspect to the character.

Äs Nödt is a taciturn and mysterious character at first sight. However, he is ruthless and won't hesitate to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy. Believing himself to be invulnerable because of his unique power, he is arrogant to the point of giving precise explanations of not only his power, but also the methods by which it is used, the causes and consequences, and the sensations felt, as if he had experienced it himself. He is also sadistic, to a lesser extent, preferring to see his enemies burn with fear than kill them in one fell swoop. He is also provocative, not hesitating to provoke an enemy's anger if necessary. However, he is loyal to his emperor and accomplishes the main objective of his missions despite his personal ends in battle. So loyal is he to Yhwach, that he would rather die after exhausting all his resources than be punished by him.
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck


  • Medallion: This is a kind of medal that every Stern Ritter carries. These items enable you to steal a Bankai from a Shinigami and use it again.
    • Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (千本桜景厳, Vive Exposition des Mille Fleurs de Cerisier): The Bankai that Äs Nödt stole from Byakuya before defeating him with it. Äs Nödt seems to be able to use it whenever he wants, and with fairly good control. When he activates his medallion, two rows of a thousand giant blades rise from the ground. These thousand swords disperse into countless flying blades that attack the enemy. No one knows the exact number of blades generated, and no one can dodge or even anticipate their movements. The number of blades is large enough for the user to use them simultaneously for attack and defense. He usually forms them into large masses to instantly annihilate his opponents. Moving through the air like torrents of waves, the blades give the appearance of cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.
Skills and competencies

Äs Nödt is a very powerful character among the Stern Ritters, able to defeat Byakuya Kuchiki in their first meeting with disconcerting ease. His main strength lies in his ability, The Fear, which enables him to infiltrate fear into his opponents. On top of this, he is physically very strong and masters several of Quincy's techniques.

Reiatsu and physical prowess

Äs Nödt is a fighter of a level equivalent to, if not higher than, that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. He had no trouble puncturing Byakuya Kuchiki's stomach with his bare hands or parrying Zabimaru one-handed, indicating great physical strength. Äs Nödt also possesses a particularly cold and sinister Reiatsu, which frightened Rukia at the start of their confrontation. It gives a very strange sensation of touch.

Bleach 501: Hear.Fear.Here | All Fiction

Quincy capabilities

Because of his position, Äs Nödt naturally masters the basic techniques of the Quincys. By absorbing spiritual particles, he becomes able to move through the air or levitate, among other things.

Spiritual weapons

Using his Quincy abilities, Äs Nödt can create weapons from the surrounding Reishi. His favorite weapon takes the form of a multitude of luminous spines floating around him, which he can throw to impale his victims. His thorns are powerful enough to injure Captain-level Shinigami.


Like all pure-blooded Quincy, Äs Nödt has mastered this technique, which enables him to increase his physical characteristics by passing his Reiatsu through his blood vessels.

  • Blut Vene (静血装, Burūto Vēne, German for "Vein Blood", Japanese for "Immobile Apparent Blood"): The defensive variant of Blut. By passing his Reiatsu through his veins, it allows him to harden his skin and increase his resistance to opposing attacks. This technique enabled Äs Nödt to withstand Zabimaru and Senbonzakura's attacks.
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Äs Nödt has inherited the Schrift "F" for "The Fear".

The Fear: Äs Nödt has a special ability that enables him to instill fear into his opponents simply by touching them, either by direct contact or by wounding them with his Reishi spikes. This fear is not, in his view, a feeling that one is confronted with and that can be overcome, notably through courage or experience. It's a primal instinct that sinks to the very depths of oneself and causes one to lose one's reason. This ability is powerful enough to destabilize Byakuya Kuchiki, a fighter known for keeping his cool. For ordinary fighters, a simple injury is enough to plunge them into absolute terror, even total despair, leading to death as a result of too much psychological shock. For more experienced fighters, they will experience a sensation of freezing cold, then begin to see their greatest fears, horrific visions and sources of hope transformed into nightmarish monstrosities, before finally being paralyzed by terror.

Quincy complete

Tatar Foras (神の怯え (タタルフォラス), Tataruforasu; Japanese for "Fear of God"): By raising his left eye upwards to activate his Quincy Zeichen present beneath his pupil, he is able to activate his Vollständig. In this form, he gains a Heiligenschein in the shape of a star surrounded by a crown of spikes, a bloody trail running from each of his two eyes. His eyes, incidentally, no longer have any visible pupils. Next, his body is covered by a white tunic cut in half by a line of stitches down the middle. This robe is wrapped tightly around his torso, revealing his meagre appearance. His wings are barely visible, and his forearms are covered with a black substance.

  • Transformation

    The Fear upgrade: In this form, Äs Nödt's ability is far more powerful than usual. He doesn't even have to attack his opponents to strike fear into them. The mere sight of him sends fear through their optic nerves. On top of this, Äs Nödt can create a dome around himself and his opponent, filled with eyes whose irises are tilted upwards, fixing the latter so that he can't escape the constant terror. What's more, his opponent can't even escape fear by closing his eyes.
  • Transformation: Äs can molt if he wants to. By shedding his main body, he can create a body of enormous proportions. His torso is attached by tentacles that act as feet, and his eyes are bulging. Its teeth are broken and its physical appearance is repulsive.Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War: As Nodt's Powers, Explained


As soon as he learns that Quilge is facing Ichigo at Hueco Mundo, Yhwach summons the Stern Ritters to gather at the Sun Gate and prepare to invade the Soul Society. Äs Nödt stands behind Haschwalth on the left, in the same row as Bazz-B. When the Seireitei invasion begins, Äs Nödt appears towards the 6th Division's quarters and starts slaughtering Shinigami soldiers with his Reishi spikes. Those who are hit scream atrociously, prompting the others to flee. One of the soldiers tries to persuade the fugitives to stay and fight, but Renji's arrival convinces him to leave as well. Despite his many assaults, Renji is unable to injure Äs Nödt, who uses the Blut to counter Zabimaru's attacks.

Just then, Mask de Masculine arrives to attack Renji from behind, but the latter is saved by the arrival of Byakuya as reinforcements. Äs Nödt advances towards his new opponent, who wastes no time in lacerating his arm with Senbonzakura. When Mask comes to help, he falls into a deep hole dug by Byakuya with his Shikai. Surprised, Äs Nödt then activates his Blut and resists the 6th Captain's subsequent attacks, including a direct strike to the head. Byakuya then realized that his Shikai would not be enough to defeat Quincy and decided to activate his Bankai, despite Sasakibe's warning that his would be sealed. Then, against all odds, Äs Nödt unveils a medallion that absorbs Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Byakuya's Bankai has been stolen, much to his dismay. Renji decides to activate his, but Byakuya stops him.

Later, Äs Nödt gains the upper hand in the fight, wounding Byakuya in the shoulder. The latter then feels tremors and cold sweats and thinks he has been poisoned. Quincy then reveals that Byakuya has just begun to feel fear (The Fear, Äs Nödt's power). Skeptical, Byakuya attacks Quincy again, but is completely paralyzed by the vision of a mortified Rukia in his mind. Äs Nödt strikes him in the abdomen and reveals that the fear he feels is instinctive and cannot be escaped by willpower alone. Byakuya loses his nerve and tries to reach Quincy, who then uses the Bankai he has stolen against the Captain. Renji, enraged, attacks Äs Nödt in turn, who retaliates with Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Byakuya rises to his feet but is instantly attacked by his Bankai, which gives him no respite. This scene prompts Renji to release his Bankai, but is interrupted by Mask de Masculine who sends him flying several dozen meters away. Äs Nödt then chastises his colleague, as they could have stolen one more Bankai if he had let Renji free his. Afterwards, Äs Nödt goes off to attack Yamamoto, alongside Bazz-B and NaNaNa Najahkoop, while Captain General takes on Royd Lloyd. Like his two companions, the Stern Ritter is burned by Yamamoto in a single attack. Royd, in the guise of Yhwach, criticizes the maneuver of his three colleagues, saying they shouldn't have gotten involved.

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Having survived the events of the first invasion, Äs Nödt is summoned with the other Stern Ritters to Silbern Cathedral. They all witness Yhwach's speech naming Uryū Ishida as his successor. Later, Äs Nödt attends a meeting of the Stern Ritters led by Haschwalth. The latter tells them of his intention to steal the hopes of the Shinigamis, particularly the Captains whose Bankai has been stolen. Finding the prospect amusing, he agrees with Haschwalth.


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