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BG9 (Bē Gē Noin) is a Quincy and one of the Stern Ritters of Yhwach's army, the Vandenreich. Due to his position and actions, he's a minor antagonist in the Millennium Blood War, particularly in the first two battles.

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BG9 bears many physical resemblances to Shaolong Qu Fang, one of Grimmjow's Fraccion, notably his mask, which resembles a visor with four vertical holes designed to allow him to "see" through it. He's quite tall, and wears the classic Quincy outfit, with a preference for the long, white, high-collared raincoat to conceal his body and, above all, his weapons. Reishi gatlings.

Physically, he's anything but human, his body capable of producing extendable tendrils, tentacles or throwing grenades. He has all the makings of a machine or cyborg; in fact, he says himself that he "has never breathed".

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BG9 is ruthless, willing to go to extremes to get an answer to a question, such as harming the loved ones of a person he's interrogating. He attacks both men and women, and makes no distinction between adults and children. Likewise, if he wants to know something, he'll look for information where he's most likely to find it, and keep digging until he finds what he's looking for. For example, when he wants to find Soi Fon after the second invasion, he'll go and interrogate Oomaeda Marechiyo, because it's only natural and logical for the Vice-Captain to know where his superior officer is hiding, which is not true. Quincy will hit Oomaeda and even attack his little sister, unable to defend herself, not accepting the possibility that the person he's interrogating doesn't know what he wants to know... He also plans to attack the whole family to get his information. And he talks about useful data every time he confronts Soi Fon (when he sees his Bankai or Shunko).

BG9's machine-like appearance and the place of information in his mentality suggest that his Schrift means "Knowledge", but this is never confirmed, as he is executed first. Even if this is not shown.

BG9 deeply fears death, and asks Haschwalth to spare him on the grounds that he is still able to fight despite defeat.

BG9 - BLEACH - Zerochan Anime Image Board


Medallion: This is a kind of medal that every Stern Ritter carries. These items enable you to steal a Bankai from a Shinigami and use it again.

Skills and competencies

Being a Stern Ritter, BG9 possesses a level of power comparable to, if not greater than, that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. He easily overpowered Soi Fon in the first battle and rivaled her in the second. His analytical and perceptive skills, as well as his robotic body, make BG9 a fighter cut out for war. BG9 is a fighter of a level equivalent to, if not higher than, that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. He dominated Soi Fon in their first duel and rivalled her in their second.

Qunicy capabilities

Thanks to his position, BG9 has mastered the basic techniques of the Quincys. By absorbing spiritual particles, he becomes able to move through the air and levitate, as well as move quickly, with the help of Hirenkyaku.

Spiritual weapons
Using his Quincy abilities, BG9 can create weapons from the surrounding Reishi. His favorite weapon takes the form of a large 10-barrel minigun. The Vandenreich emblem is printed on it.
Quincy : Complete

Upon activation, a large quantity of Reiatsu is released, causing the formation of a column of energy, the top of which is composed of a Quincy Zeichen. Once the column disperses, BG9 finds itself in the ultimate form of the Quincys, the Vollständig. The amount of energy released was enough for BG9 to survive Soi Fon's Bankai, which would probably have killed him otherwise. He even survived his own Bankai, thanks to a notable use of Vollständig at the last moment.

Robotic attributes

BG9 possesses robotic attributes that are useful in battle. He uses tentacles, which can bend and extend without limit, allowing Quincy to attack without moving from his position.

  • Data extraction: BG9 is able to extract spiritual data from an opponent when one of its tentacles touches the target. This enables him to learn his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, and adapt to his opponent's abilities.

He can also use missiles, by opening the armor that covers them, and launch them to create a large explosion. He can fire several at once and reload them quickly. A dozen of these missiles were enough to seriously wound Soi Fon.


Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

As soon as he learns that Quilge is confronting Ichigo at Hueco Mundo, Yhwach summons the Stern Ritters to gather at the Sun Gate and prepare to invade the Soul Society. When the Seireitei invasion begins, BG9 appears at 2nd Division HQ and is confronted by Soi Fon. Soi Fon is unable to get under Suzumebachi's skin, and soon realizes that she must release her Bankai in order to confront him, despite Sasakibe's warning that hers has been sealed. Then, against all odds, BG9 unveils a medallion that absorbs Jakuhō Raikōben. Soi Fon's Bankai has just been stolen, much to her surprise.BG9 - BLEACH - Zerochan Anime Image Board

After the events of the invasion, BG9 and the other Stern Ritters are summoned to Silbern Cathedral. They all witness Yhwach's speech designating Uryū Ishida as his successor. Surprised like most of the Stern Ritters by the decision, BG9 nevertheless replies to Bazz-B that only Yhwach can tell him why he has made this decision. Afterwards, he attends a meeting attended by almost all the Stern Ritters, at which Haschwalth tells them of his intention to steal the hopes of the Shinigami, particularly the Captains whose Bankai has been stolen.

During the second invasion of the Vandenreich, which repays the Seireitei by the Schatten Bereich, BG9 tracks down Soi Fon and quickly finds his Vice-Captain, Ōmaeda, who is accompanied by his little sister. Asking him where the 2nd Captain is, however, the latter is unable to answer. After 3 refusals, BG9 decides to attack Mareyo, but Marechiyō stands his ground and takes the blows for him. In a bad way, the android is about to finish him off with a minigun. Saved in extremis by Soi Fon, the latter reveals the full form of her Shunko, Mukyu Shunko. Attacking BG9 by stealth, the latter takes the full brunt of the technique.

However, the attack did him no damage and BG9 revealed his true nature to the Captain. Firing multiple missiles to draw him into a dogfight, he catches Soi Fon unawares before setting off a huge explosion. Moments later, the 2nd Captain is in a bad way and Stern Ritter tries to extract data from her body. That's when Ōmaeda emerges to save her and transmit a Shin'enyaku. Surprised that the Vice-Captain should come to his superior's rescue, he suffers a tremor that is the consequence of the Hollowmorphization of Soi Fon's Bankai, Jakuhō Raikoben, which she has recovered and is activating. Puzzled, BG9 wonders how she managed to retrieve it, but quickly takes the 2nd Captain's attack, which generates a large explosion.

Moments later, BG9 activates his Quincy: Vollständig and manages to survive the explosion of Soi Fon's Bankai. He then tries to recover from his injuries but is interrupted by Uryū, who emerges from a shadow and takes him with him to the Silbern.


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