Cang Du

Cang Du

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Cang Du (Tsan Tu) is a Quincy as well as one of the Stern Ritters in Yhwach's army, the Vandenreich. He has the epithet "The Iron". He was a major antagonist in the Millennium Blood War, particularly in the first two battles.

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Cang Du is a man in his thirties. He seems to have Chinese origins, as his name and face indicate, but also his fighting style. He's slim, of medium height, with messy black hair plastered to his head. A balacrum marks the left side of his mouth vertically, and appears to have been caused by a blade. Cang's outfit is the basic Stern Ritter uniform, but styled for rapid movement and resembles that of Ggio Vega or Soi Fon.


Cang Du is a mysterious, reserved man. In fact, he doesn't talk much, is calm and doesn't lose his temper easily. Cang doesn't let his emotions show, in other words, he's a rather aloof and stoic person. Despite this, Cang seems attached to his principles: he believes that those who live together should die together. He is very loyal to His Majesty and refuses to let anyone take his life but himself, a fact that doesn't seem to frighten him in the least.

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Gotei 13

Skills and competencies

Being a Stern Ritter, Cang Du possesses a level of power comparable, if not superior, to that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. He was able to easily dominate Tōshirō Hitsugaya in the first battle and rival him in the second. His Schrift, The Iron, which gives him a skin of steel, makes Cang a particularly tenacious fighter.

Spiritual power

Cang Du is a fighter of a level equivalent to, if not higher than, that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. He dominated Hitsugaya during their first duel and rivalled him in their second. He even outlasted his Bankai, thanks to the notable use of Quincy: Vollständig.

Quincy capabilities

Because of his position, Cang Du naturally masters the basic techniques of the Quincys. By absorbing spiritual particles, he becomes able to move through the air or levitate, among other things.

Spiritual weapons

Using his Quincy abilities, Cang Du can create weapons from the surrounding Reishi. His favorite weapon takes the form of curved claws, which he wears on the back of both wrists with 4 blades each. His claws are strong enough to pierce a wall of ice created by Hyōrinmaru without difficulty. By sticking his arms together, while putting them forward to aim his claws at his enemy, Cang Du is able to project a powerful wave of energy, Shé Jìn Zhǎo (蛇勁爪 (シェジンツァオ), Shejintsao; Chinese for "Powerful Snake Claws"), which takes the form of a snake's head.


The Quincys' fast-moving technique that rivals the Shinigamis' Shunpo. Cang is fast enough to attack Hitsugaya repeatedly, giving the latter little time to counter with his Bankai.

BG9 and Cang Du defeated to face judgement | Daily Anime Art


Like all Vandenreich soldiers, Cang Du can use shadows to create interdimensional portals to travel between the Schatten Bereich and the Seireitei, or allow soldiers to pass through the portal to assist him.


Cang Du inherited the Schrift "I" for "The Iron".

The Iron (鋼鉄 (ジ・アイアン), Ji Aian; Litt.: Iron) : Cang can cover his skin partially or entirely with a layer of iron, rendering his body invulnerable to physical damage for as long as the ability is active. The deployed iron is strong enough to withstand the sword blows of 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya without a scratch. He can also use his ability offensively; when his right arm was frozen during his first fight with Hitsugaya, Cang transformed it into iron and rushed at the captain with enough force to not only break the ice covering his arm on impact, but also send Hitsugaya tumbling violently, all without suffering any injury in the process.

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Quincy : Complete

Upon activation, a large quantity of Reiatsu is released, causing the formation of a column of energy, the top of which is composed of a Quincy Zeichen. Once the column disperses, Cang finds himself in the ultimate form of the Quincys, the Vollständig. The amount of energy released was enough for Cang to extract himself from the ice of Hitsugaya's Bankai, which would probably have killed him otherwise.


Bleach : Thousand-Year Blood War

As soon as he learns that Quilge is facing Ichigo at Hueco Mundo, Yhwach summons the Stern Ritters to gather at the Sun Gate and prepare to invade the Soul Society. When the Seireitei invasion begins, Cang Du appears in the 10th Division field and quickly confronts Tōshirō Hitsugaya. The latter, however, is unable to slice or freeze Quincy with his Shikai, due to the latter's ability, which makes his skin as tough as steel. Cang Du's blows, on the other hand, have far more impact. Hitsugaya then realizes that he must release his Bankai to fight him, despite Sasakibe's warning that his had been sealed. Against all odds, Cang Du reveals a medallion that absorbs Daiguren Hyōrinmaru. Hitsugaya's Bankai has just been stolen, to his great despair.

Toshiro Hitsugaya VS Cang Du (The Iron) Bankai Hyōrinmaru (Full Fight) |  BLEACH: TYBW - YouTube

Later, when Yamamoto becomes enraged and his Reiatsu is felt throughout the Seireitei, the fight between Hitsugaya and Cang Du is at a standstill. The Captain motivates himself to defeat his opponent. The Stern Ritter then prepares to fight him in earnest. Cang Du uses Hitsugaya's Bankai Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, but it melts due to the use of Zanka no Tachi. The Captain of the 10th Division was amused by the situation. A few minutes later, when Yhwach returns to the Schatten Bereich, Cang and the other Stern Ritters also withdraw and leave the Seireitei.

After the events of the invasion, Cang and the other Stern Ritters are summoned to Silbern Cathedral. They all witness Yhwach's speech naming Uryū Ishida as his successor. Later, Cang attends a meeting of the Stern Ritters led by Haschwalth. The latter tells them of his intention to steal the hope of the Shinigamis, particularly the Captains whose Bankai has been stolen. During the second invasion of the Vandenreich, which sustains the Seireitei through the Schatten Bereich, Cang appears just as Hitsugaya is defeated by Bazz-B and prevents the latter from finishing him off. Declaring that it's up to him to finish off the Captain as he possesses his Bankai, he asks Bazz-B to leave.

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Pulling Matsumoto out of his cloak, he introduces himself to the 10th Captain and proclaims that they will die together. He releases the Bankai he stole, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru. Moments later, Hitsugaya touches the Shin'enyaku sent by Urahara, causing his Bankai to Hollowmorph. Cang Du then suffers the effects of Hollowmorphosis and loses a wing of Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, which has regained form on Tōshirō's shoulder. Cang Du tries to attack Hitsugaya with what's left of his Bankai, but the attack does no damage. As he attempts another assault, the Stern Ritter realizes that he has completely lost the power he had stolen. Hitsugaya finally regains possession of his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, also happy to have him back. Cang Du then tries a desperate attack, Shejintsao, frozen with ease by the Captain, who then encases the Stern Ritter "I" in a gigantic cross-shaped flower.

Moments later, Cang Du activates his Quincy: Vollständig and manages to break Hitsugaya's ice, freeing himself in the process.


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