Gremmy Thoumeaux

Gremmy Thoumeaux

How powerful is Gremmy Thoumeaux in Bleach TYBW? Kenpachi's opponent,  explored

Gremmy Thoumeaux is a Quincy and one of the Stern Ritters of Yhwach's army, the Vandenreich. He holds the title of "The Visionary". By virtue of his position and actions, he is a major antagonist of the Millennium Blood War, being one of the central antagonists of the second battle.

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Gremmy has the appearance of a child, with messy blond hair and red eyes. He wears a variant of the standard Stern Ritters uniform, consisting of a loose-fitting trench coat with a high collar.


Gremmy is proud of his power and believes that imagination is the greatest force in the world. He can be cruel to those created by his ability, mercilessly killing Guenael Lee after the latter proved he wasn't strong enough to fight a Vice-Captain. He has been polite and respectful to his opponents, declaring that it would be inappropriate not to create a fight scene for Kenpachi Zaraki. He is also arrogant, believing himself to be the strongest of the Stern Ritters. Gremmy is incredibly proud and confident in his own abilities, declaring that Zaraki won't understand his abilities until he loses and that he won't lift a finger against Zaraki despite knowing how powerful his opponent is.

In battle, Gremmy doesn't care about his comrades at all, having created a huge meteorite with the aim of eliminating everyone on the battlefield in addition to his opponent, knowing that only he would survive the impact. Gremmy, on the other hand, has never thought of wanting to destroy anyone, because no one has ever shown aggression towards him. However, during his fight with Zaraki, he discovers that he wishes to annihilate Captain 11 and is filled with joy just thinking about it. After losing to Zaraki, Gremmy readily admits that his own power failed to defeat him. He is filled with sadness at the thought of dying, as he will be going to an unimaginative place.


After being recruited into the Vandenreich, Gremmy received the Schrift "V", designating the ability "The Visionary". Because of the danger posed by his ability, Gremmy was apparently imprisoned by Yhwach in a special cage within the Silbern.

Skills and competencies

Gremmy is one of the most powerful antagonists of the Millennium Blood War and one of the greatest threats, behind Yhwach himself. With the potential to destroy the Seireitei, he was also able to rival Kenpachi Zaraki after his training with Unohana and force him to release his Shikai. As proof of his power, Zaraki was so weakened from his duel with Gremmy that he would later be unable to defend himself against Liltotto, Candice, Meninas and Giselle, taking the opportunity to finish him off.

Reiatsu and physical prowess

Being a Stern Ritter, Gremmy possesses a Reiryoku of a level equivalent to, if not greater than, that of a Gotei 13 Captain. Gremmy claims to be the most powerful of the Stern Ritters, and his power is feared by the likes of Jugram Haschwalth and Askin Nakk Le Vaar. Another Stern Ritter, PePe Waccabrada, declares that Gremmy is nothing but a monster who should have been locked up. As an admission of his spiritual power, he was able to fight Kenpachi Zaraki, himself possessing an important Reiryoku, and to wound him so badly that the Captain was unable to continue another fight.

What's more, Gremmy is fast enough to effortlessly dodge a surprise attack from Yachiru Kusajishi, a Shinigami renowned for her speed whose Shikai is also very difficult to dodge, before easily grabbing his hand in the middle of her attack, thus stopping her in her tracks.

Quincy capabilities

By virtue of his position, Gremmy naturally masters the basic techniques of the Quincys. By absorbing spiritual particles, he becomes able to move through the air or levitate, among other things.


Gremmy inherited the Schrift "V" for "The Visionary".

The Visionary (夢想家 (ザ・ヴィジョナリィ), Za Vijonarī; English for "The Visionary", Japanese for "Dreamer") : Gremmy has the ability to make the imaginary real. He can literally create in reality anything he imagines. For example, if he imagines that his opponent's bones will be made of cookies, this will become reality. Likewise, he can harden his body, like being stronger than steel, or even create a gigantic ring just with his imagination. He can also erase his wounds and use elements such as lava or water, summon various weapons and projectiles such as missiles or assault rifles, and even earth pillars that take the form of blades to defend himself. Should Gremmy die, everything he has imagined disappears with him, including the ring he created during his fight against Kenpachi and even his own body.

Gremmy Thoumeaux ( V ) | Bleach anime, Anime, Bleach manga

  • Creating life: Gremmy's greatest power is to create life with his imagination. His power has two different uses. First, cloning. By creating another self, he increases the power of his imagination. At 2 clones, he becomes capable of summoning a meteor capable of annihilating the Seireitei, and by increasing the number of clones, he then becomes capable of trapping his opponent in the vacuum of space, causing them to suffocate from the rapid decompression of air. Each alter-ego has its own consciousness, independent of the original.
  • Creation of people: By imagining a specific consciousness and power in one of his clones, Gremmy becomes capable of creating an original person. He created Guenael Lee with this power. He also has the power to erase them from existence.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

After the events of the invasion, Gremmy and the other Stern Ritters are summoned to Silbern Cathedral. They all witness Yhwach's speech naming Uryū Ishida as his successor. Later, Gremmy attends a meeting of the Stern Ritters led by Haschwalth. Haschwalth tells them of his intention to steal the hopes of the Shinigamis, particularly the Captains whose Bankai has been stolen.

During the second invasion of the Vandenreich, which repays the Seireitei through the Schatten Bereich, Gremmy appears at the end of the fight between Yachiru Kusajishi and Gwenael Lee, standing in the force field where Kensei and Rose are present. He violently wounds Gwenael in the torso, surprising him and the two vice-captains. Gwenael tries to plead for his life because he fought well, to which the Stern Ritter retorts that Gwenael did indeed fight well for a figment of his imagination. He adds ironically that the latter's power to disappear from the field of vision, consciousness and memory of others is fantastic, before provoking him by telling him that the latter has just disappeared from his memory. Guenael then lunges at Gremmy, but Gremmy instantly blows him up. Isane, worried about the recovering Captains, asks Gremmy to step aside, but Gremmy replies that there's no need to worry, as they're already dead. Yachiru then tries to attack the Stern Ritter, but he dodges before twisting her arm when she tries to attack him again.

Gremmy reveals to Yachiru that she has turned his bones into cookies. He then explains that his power, imagination, is the most powerful there is, because anything he imagines can become reality, which shocks the vice-captain. Just then, the ceiling collapses, revealing that Kenpachi is back, surprised to see that a kid is the cause of the situation. Isane asks him where Captain Unohana is, to which Kenpachi replies that she's dead and if she's angry, she can attack him. On the contrary, Isane is proud, as he now holds the title of the deceased captain. Gremmy, for his part, recognizes his opponent's strength and decides to erect a stone fortress of gigantic proportions as a ring for their confrontation. As the bodies of Kensei and Rose fall from the ring, Isane rushes to retrieve them.

Kenpachi, surprised, asks if it's a spell, but Gremmy reveals that he's not using magic or illusion, but his imagination. Revealing that he is the Stern Ritter "V", for "The Visionary", he explains that his power allows him to change imagination into reality, and that the captain should be glad to face him, for he is the most powerful of the Stern Ritters. Intrigued, Kenpachi tries to cut him, but his sword doesn't cut through Gremmy's flesh. Gremmy explains that all he had to do was imagine that his skin was stronger than steel. With that, the captain of the 11th Division gets serious and slices through Gremmy's body with ease, telling him that if he's tougher than steel, he'll slice him like he slices steel. He adds that his imagination could never create something he couldn't slice, because he's Kenpachi.

Bleach: liste des Sternritters (T à Z) – Bleach Web

At the bottom of the fortress, the soldiers of the 11th Division wonder what it's all about and feel Zaraki's spiritual pressure, which motivates them. Zaraki, noticing his soldiers jabbering below, is interrupted by Gremmy, who rises to his feet unharmed. When Gremmy declares that he has used his ability to imagine that his wound has closed, Kenpachi begins to realize the powers of the Stern Ritter, who claims to be able to defeat him without using a single finger. He then conjures up lava, which is not to the Captain's displeasure, but he finds it difficult to fight with Yachiru watching from close range. Gremmy then explains that he has turned all his friend's bones into cookies. Kenpachi doesn't know what a cookie is, so Quincy retorts that he should have turned them into Rakugan instead.

Kenpachi then leaps into the air, but is immediately surrounded by water before seeing Yachiru fall into a crevasse in the middle of the fortress. Taking advantage of his opponent's surprise, Gremmy knocks Kenpachi and the water prison into the crevasse before closing it, trapping the captain within the fortress. Gremmy then declares that, as monstrous as Kenpachi is, he shouldn't be able to hold out for more than an hour in his current state. But the captain promptly destroys his earthen prison and holds Yachiru under his arm. Attacking the Stern Ritter again, Kenpachi remarks that Yachiru's bones are back to normal, as he is too focused on beating him.

Kenpachi asks Yachiru to go to Isane for treatment. He then turns to Gremmy, asking if he wants to fight. Seeing that the latter is puzzled, he tells him that since he's the strongest, he should want to crush the strongest of his opponents. Declaring that their duel can begin, Kenpachi adds that a duel doesn't deserve its name if you let yourself be distracted by anything other than your enemy. While countering the captain, Gremmy ponders his words and is perplexed. Having never thought of crushing anyone because no one has ever tried to attack him for his strength, he doesn't understand why he should have to kill an opponent to prove it. On the other hand, Kenpachi's words have motivated him to the idea of tearing him to pieces, and Gremmy decides to fight seriously.

He then conjures up a number of rifles which fire in the direction of Kenpachi, who manages to counter the first salvo with a rock. Gremmy then sends out missiles, but the last one is sliced off by the captain, who is delighted to see that his opponent looks pleased and finally uses a hand. Overcome by a feeling of euphoria, Gremmy continues the confrontation by cowering in a stone sphere and attacking Kenpachi with giant blades, which the latter dodges before shattering the sphere. He then attacks Gremmy, reminding him that he can slice through steel whenever he wishes, but is unable to get his sword out of his opponent's wound. The Stern Ritter then attacks Kenpachi with a gigantic arm, but the blow has no effect. The captain launched a series of attacks on Quincy, unable to retaliate.

Kenpachi then asks Gremmy if he's imagining his defeat. The latter, realizing that his opponent is right, then pulls himself together and thanks the captain for having erased the image of his death from his mind thanks to his words. Adding that he will regret this, Kenpachi retorts that he has never had any regrets. Gremmy then conjures up a clone of himself, declaring that he is about to unveil his ultimate technique. He explains that his power can even create life, and that his clone allows him to double his power. He then conjures up a meteorite, with the aim of destroying the Seireitei and everyone inside. Seeing this, Kenpachi is ecstatic, having never sliced through anything like it, and asks his Zanpakutō, Nozarashi, what he thinks. The shinigami below see the meteorite pierce the Shakonmaku and prepare for death. Declaring that even his death wouldn't stop the meteorite from killing everyone, Gremmy adds that Kenpachi can do nothing more. But the captain, ecstatic at the sight, declares that it's Gremmy who can do nothing and leaps towards the meteorite, releasing his Shikai, Nozarashi. Yachiru, seeing the scene from the ground, remembers her encounter with Kenpachi.

With his Zanpakutō released, the captain has no trouble slicing through the meteorite, which explodes into countless pieces, before Gremmy's helpless eyes, who calls him a monster. Kenpachi retorts that he's already told him that there's nothing in the world that can withstand his blade. Accepting Kenpachi's words, Gremmy conjures up more clones and decides to kill him with what has no form. The Stern Ritter's several alter-egos lock Kenpachi in the vacuum of space, which takes its toll on the captain. However, he manages to slice through one of the Gremmys and free himself from the vacuum, but almost all the alter-egos rush at Kenpachi, blowing themselves up like kamikazes. This time, Kenpachi is heavily wounded but Gremmy, out of breath, notices that his opponent is still alive and sets out to become stronger than him by bulking up his muscles. Declaring that he wants to win, he wants to show Kenpachi his true worth, but his muscles tear and Gremmy falls to the ground. Disappointed by this turn of events, Kenpachi realizes that the Stern Ritter has made a monster of him in his head, and that this monster has killed him.

Moments later, Gremmy, in agony, is finally joined by Kenpachi and reveals that he was able to imagine every one of his powers, but failed to realize that only his body was able to withstand his disproportionate power. Adding that it wasn't his imagination that failed him but his own body, Gremmy is still sorry to have lost their duel and then ejects his brain from his own body. Revealing to Kenpachi that even his body is a figment of his imagination, the Stern Ritter begins to dissipate and adds that his imagination has reached its limits. Just before dissipating completely, he declares that he is sad to imagine a world where his imagination will be no more.



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