Guenael Lee

Guenael Lee


Yachiru Kusajishi against Guenael Lee(Manga). [SFX] - YouTube

Guenael Lee is a creation of Gremmy Thoumeaux and a member of the Vandenreich with the designation "V" - The Vanishing Point.

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This Quincy is a little fellow not much taller than Yachiru Kusaijishi, old, suffering from a strong strabismus in his right eye, practically permanently revolted towards the corner, in the upper right-hand corner of his orbit. His eyes are as glassy and empty as each other, his mouth square-toothed and seemingly unable to close completely, adding with its wrinkles a skeletal and worrying air that more or less determines the age of the little man. His hair is set like a touch of affro blanche at the crown of his head, with unseen devices separating them...

He wears large octagonal glasses, wider than they are tall, and a uniform consisting of a long, buttoned chin strap, short pants and classic chaps. His power is undoubtedly linked to the fact that his physical faculties are probably among the weakest in the Vandenreich.


Guenael is a rambling old man, constantly repeating that his power allows him to disappear from the sight, consciousness and memory of his opponents... He has to appear every time he reappears and never attacks directly, preferring to let his opponents hit themselves or take advantage of an opening to attack them from behind. He's the kind of coward who won't attack anyone stronger than himself, hence his relentless pursuit of Yachiru, a child...

Guenael Lee (Character) - Comic Vine

Guenael Lee is a creation of Gremmy Thoumeaux. The real Quincy V.

Skills and competencies

The Vanishing Point (消尽点 (バニシング・ポイント), Banishingu Pointo; Litt.: Le point de fuite) : Guenael is able to become imperceptible, invisible both physically and psychically. After disappearance, the opponent has no memory of having hit him. By alternating between Version 1 and Version 2, Gwenael becomes virtually untouchable in the midst of combat.

  • Version 1 (バージョン1, Bājon 1): Guenael's silhouette disappears, becoming invisible.
  • Version 2 (バージョン2, Bājon 2): Guenael makes his existence disappear, rendering him intangible. In effect, he hides behind an afterimage and the opponent has only the illusion of striking the user.
  • Version 3 (バージョン3, Bājon 3): Gwenael makes his physical presence disappear from people's memories, making them forget he even exists.
  • Vanishing Slider (消尽滑体 (バニシング・スライダー), Banishingu Suraidā;
  • Litt.: Disappearing Slider) : By concentrating all his spiritual pressure into one point, Guenael can surpass reaction speed by retreating behind that vanishing point.
Spiritual weapons

Being a Quincy, Guenael can use the surrounding Reishi to perfect his techniques and create weapons. His favorite weapon takes the form of a dagger, capable of easily slicing through a Shinigami Vice-Captain; before dying, he manifested a Reishi leaf.

The bloody thousand-year war

Guenael is a Quincy who attacks Yachiru Kusajishi and Isane Kotetsu as they watch over the recovery of two wounded officers: Kensei Muguruma and Rôjûrô Ôtoribashi. Despite his abilities, he is defeated by the vice-captain of the Eleventh Division, but finished off by his "creator".

Bleach: Meet Guenael Lee - The Creepy Old Man Who Attacked Isane & Yachiru!

After Kensei Muguruma and Rôjûrô Ôtoribashi defeat Mask De Masculine, Guenael appears behind the former lieutenant, interrupting Isane Kotetsu and Yachiru Kusajishi's conversation, asking Isane directly if this is what he thinks, realizing that no one hears the same ghostly voice, which asks him where he's looking, if he's right there, says Gwenael around the lieutenant's neck and repeats the phrase "Here" over and over again, once the lieutenant notices his The presence of Gwenael declares that he will disappear again, Yachiru reacts to the threat and attacks the Quincy without hesitation, trying to pull him away from Isane, however Yachiru seems to punch the air next to Isane since Gwenael is no longer there, using his ability Gwenael disappears from the memories of both lieutenants, causing great confusion to Yachiru, who didn't know what or whom he was trying to hit, while the little lieutenant was stunned by a Sufi blow. strong enough to stun him and mislead his nose is sent out of nowhere, while Lee claims he can't do such a thing as", while Lee claims he can't do such a thing as" he's the representative of the letter V, Vanishing Point.

Guenael, in the fight Guenael played with Yachiru and tries to confuse her, at the end of her moves she used version 3 to make them forget their existence, which makes them forget their enemy status and confuse them, but when this didn't work to Yachiru He became furious and tried to attack her with a small dagger but when he failed, he revealed himself and Yachiru drew his sword and attacked Guenael but he dodged it, even though he was wounded, Yachiru revealed that his ability consisted of a synchronization of attacks that went unnoticed. attacked, he could survive by using another ability sliding backwards, but a young man wounded him badly, this was revealed as his creator and as the original bearer of the letter, Guenael asked for a truce but Gremmy said he did his best and, after provoking Guenael, he tried to hurt him but finally Gremmy blew him up.


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