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Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth - BLEACH - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Jugram Haschwalth (Yūguramu Hasshuvaruto) is a Quincy as well as the Grand Master of the Stern Ritters, shuterunrittā gurandomasutā; Japanese for "Highest Rank of the Order of Knights with the Starry Cross") of Yhwach's army, the Vandenreich. He has the epithet "The Balance". He is also Emperor Quincy's advisor and right-hand man, leading the Vandenreich when it sleeps. Because of his position and actions, he is a major antagonist in the Millennium Blood War, being one of the central antagonists in the final battle, pitting the Quincys against the Shinigamis in the Wahrwelt.

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Although he speaks more casually to Yhwach than others, Haschwalth always maintains a very respectful tone. He is very loyal to the Emperor, preventing another Stern Ritter from entering his quarters to express dissatisfaction with the choice of his successor and calmly establishing that it was not his decision to choose a successor, nor was it his right to contest. He also believes that his existence, and that of the other Stern Ritters, depends on Yhwach's, and is prepared to live and die to prolong his master's existence. Even Yhwach's decision to sacrifice most of the Ritters, including his childhood friend Bazz-B, doesn't seem to affect him, and he remains loyal to the Emperor, going so far as to kill his friend when the latter comes to avenge this betrayal. When he realizes that Uryū Ishida is not prepared to sacrifice everything for Yhwach, Haschwalth goes into a rage and tries to slaughter young Quincy.

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On the other hand, he seems to keep his cool under all circumstances. In reality, however, he hides a ruthless side, not hesitating to attack not only his enemies but also his allies if they do not act in the Vandenreich's best interests. However, the Stern Ritter seems to feel pity for his adversaries, as he is prepared to give them a chance to escape death rather than fight them when they no longer have the will to fight. On this point, he's also very close to Yhwach's pacifist mentality, for yes, the latter has often raised his horror of war, these two characters probably share the desire to get it over with as quickly as possible and with as little pointless fighting as possible.

Haschwalth is rather confident in his own abilities and also has faith in his men, which he proves during the second battle of the Seireitei by directly confronting Shunsui Kyōraku and telling him that the Shinigamis would soon be defeated. Haschwalth is also a man who believes in a balance of things, asserting that a fight must be fair and that if a life is saved by luck, it will be taken by an equal amount of misfortune.

He's also an attentive and lucid man, as when he quickly discovers that the real reason for Uryū Ishida's coming to the Vandenreich is nothing other than to avenge his mother, who was killed by the Auswählen, and seems rather disappointed by the latter's reaction when he discovers that he has ingested a fragment of Yhwach's soul and no longer has any way out. When Haschwalth exchanges powers with Yhwach when the latter is asleep, his personality becomes more emotional and raw than normal.


Haschwalth is a tall, blue-eyed man with long, shoulder-length blond hair. He wears the standard Quincy outfit, but one of its flaps is made of wool rather than cotton. Over it, he wears the typical white Stern Ritters uniform. Before the first war with the Shinigami, he wore a kepi. His appearance is that of a rather distant, taciturn man. When Yhwach sleeps, his eyes have several pupils, the result of The Almighty.


One day, at least 1,000 years ago, while trying to hunt a hare, he was followed by another boy, who helped Haschwalth kill the animal. The young man then introduced himself as Bazz-B, who asked the blond boy's name. Haschwalth introduced himself and Bazz-B, surprised that he had to introduce himself first, then told him that he had followed him because he knew Haschwalth couldn't hunt on his own. The young blond reveals that he still doesn't know how to make a spiritual bow, to which Bazz-B replies that nobody else their age can do it because he's a genius and advises him not to worry about it. Admitting this, Haschwalth then asks the young redhead to stop calling him Jugo and reveals that he has been living with his uncle until recently. He tells him that he also needs to hunt a hare, to which Bazz-B throws the prey he killed earlier into the blond boy's head. Climbing a tree, the young redhead then tells Haschwalth that he'll teach him everything he knows, and that they'll one day become the most powerful Quincys around. After that, Haschwalth was found by his uncle, who reprimanded him for going so far into the woods. 6 months later, Yhwach began the conquest of the northern territories where Bazz-B's village was located, and burned it and the surrounding forest to the ground. After that, Bazz-B asked Haschwalth to follow him on his quest to kill Yhwach in revenge. But the blond boy asks why he should come with him. The young redhead tells him that Yhwach also burned down his forest before telling him to stay and live with his uncle if he thinks it's better. Haschwalth then reveals that he lost his uncle in the fire. The two young Quincys use the money they've found in the ruins of the village to survive, and train for 5 years to achieve their new goal.

Despite his efforts, Haschwalth was unable to develop his techniques as Quincy, even unable to use the spiritual particles around him to make weapons. Bazz-B then theorized that perhaps it was the rumored Quincy born every few decades who was "incomplete". To compensate, Haschwalth trained relentlessly in the mastery of sword and bow. Just then, Yhwach's personal guards arrive in a nearby village to announce the creation of an army that will soon invade Soul Society: the Stern Ritters. Bazz-B summons the leader of the troops to warn him that he and Haschwalth wish to join the group. The first two argue and end up fighting, but the confrontation is interrupted by Yhwach, who crushes everyone with his spiritual pressure. Everyone except one: Haschwalth. King Quincy instantly recognizes him and announces that he is making him his right-hand man from this day forward. Confused, Haschwalth revealed his lack of talent as Quincy, but Yhwach revealed that it was because he was a Quincy with the gift of sharing, just like himself. He then revealed to Bazz-B that his strength didn't come from his own natural talent, but from the fact that he constantly stayed with Haschwalth, who offered him power, and that he should be grateful for it. At these words, Bazz-B bursts into a rage and shoots an arrow at Yhwach, which is stopped by the young blond.

Haschwalth later joins the newly-formed Stern Ritters and becomes their Captain. 3 years later, Bazz-B also joined the group and began repeatedly challenging the blond to a duel. The latter categorically refused each time, telling him that this act is punishable by death. On one occasion, Hubert, who was observing the scene, asked him if his authority might be challenged before asking if he could correct the rookie. Haschwalth retorted that he had no right to do so, on pain of death. The Vice-Captain tells him that Yhwach won't see him and that he won't be, to which Haschwalth replies that he does, thus changing Hubert's decision. Following Yhwach in the war against the Shinigami, they eventually lost, and while Yhwach recovered, Haschwalth took charge of the army and hid it in the most unsuspected part of the Seireitei. He and his army used the power of the shadows to hide there, amassing power for almost 1,000 years. When the Emperor awoke, he followed him in the conquest of the Hueco Mundo, 17 months after the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen.

Skills and competencies

Haschwalth is one of the most powerful antagonists of the Millennium Blood War and one of the most powerful characters in the Bleach universe. He leads the Stern Ritters and advises Yhwach as his most loyal soldier. He had no trouble frightening Shunsui Kyōraku, who nevertheless faced Lille Barro, or easily executing Cang Du and BG9. When Bazz-B challenged him to a fight, Jugram beat him without difficulty, while his opponent gave it his all. His Schrift, The Balance and other unique abilities make him a formidable opponent, far more powerful than most other Stern Ritters or Captains.

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Reiatsu and Physical prowess

Haschwalth is a fighter who clearly possesses a level above that of a 13-Division Captain. He's tough enough to watch Yamamoto's Bankai up close and catch Bazz-B's Heilig Pfeil on the fly. He's also powerful enough to cut Ichigo's Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, in half. Haschwalth's swordsmanship even scared Kyōraku, despite being protected by a Kidō barrier from Nanao.

Qunicy's abilities

By virtue of his position, Haschwalth naturally masters the basic techniques of the Quincys. By absorbing spiritual particles, he becomes able to move through the air or levitate, among other things. Notably, he can absorb spiritual particles without being suspected.


Like all Pureblood Quincy, Jugram has mastered this technique, which enables him to increase his physical characteristics by passing his Reiatsu through his blood vessels.

  • Blut Vene (静血装, Burūto Vēne, German for "Vein Blood", Japanese for "Immobile Apparent Blood"): The defensive variant of Blut. By running his Reiatsu through his veins, it allows him to harden his skin and increase his resistance to opposing attacks. This technique enabled him to withstand the crushing heat of Yamamoto's Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, without which he would surely have been reduced to ashes.

The Quincys' fast-moving technique that rivals the Shinigamis' Shunpo. During his duel with Bazz-B, he was able to move so quickly that his attacks were imperceptible to his opponent until he felt them.

Spiritual weapons

Using his Quincy abilities, Haschwalth can create weapons from the surrounding Reishi. His favorite weapon takes the form of a white pentagonal shield adorned with a golden pentagram, reminiscent of the Quincy Zeichen. Jugram has named it Freund Schild (身代わりの盾 (フロイントシルト), Furointo Shiruto, German for "Protective Friend", Japanese for "Substitution Shield") and uses it as a complementary weapon to his Schrift, The Balance. Instead of serving as a simple shield against physical attacks, the Freund Schild absorbs any misfortune that might befall Haschwalth, such as wounds in the midst of battle. What's more, by using The Balance, Haschwalth can return the misfortune absorbed by the shield to his opponent to further injure him..



Like all Vandenreich soldiers, Haschwalth can use shadows to create interdimensional portals to travel between the Schatten Bereich and the Seireitei, or allow soldiers to pass through the portal to assist him.

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Haschwalth has inherited the Schrift "B" for "The Balance".

The Balance (世間調和 (ザ・バランス), Za Baransu, English for "The Balance", Japanese for "World Harmony"): Haschwalth can manipulate the misfortune around him and give it to those who have experienced happiness, in order to maintain a balance, a harmony in the world. Any "misfortune" that touches Haschwalth will be transmitted to his Freund Schild, keeping him out of danger. As a result, any "happiness" experienced by the opponent in wounding Haschwalth or countering an attack will be converted into a "misfortune" of the same level in wounding him or receiving the attack he tried to counter. What's more, the "misfortune" absorbed by his Freund Schild will fall on the opponent, inflicting further suffering.

Soul Distribution

Haschwalth is the only Quincy, apart from Yhwach, to be able to give power to those around him, the first in the 200 years since King Quincy was born. Unlike the other Quincys who can absorb power, Haschwalth is one of the only ones able to do the opposite: offer power. Although he was originally unable to absorb Reishi like the other Quincys, he learned to absorb spiritual particles as an adult. Because they share this technique, Yhwach considers him his other half. By staying with other people, Haschwalth can increase their potential. Thanks to this power, Bazz-B was able to rise from a mere Quincy to a demented level.

Substitution of the Sovereign

When Yhwach falls asleep, he and Haschwalth exchange powers. His personality also changes, from advisor to guardian to emperor. But by his own admission, Haschwalth finds it easier to use his own power than that of King Quincy. During this period of time, Jugram possesses The Almighty (全知全能 (ジ・オールマイティ), Ji Ōrumaiti, English for "The Almighty", Japanese for "The Omniscient"), the absolute power of Yhwach. However, he only has access to the precognition power of this technique, which he masters less well than King Quincy, by his own admission. When he activates The Almighty, he obtains multiple pupils in each eye.

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Other techniques
The key

After the passage to the Reiōkyū was left open by the return of Renji, Rukia, Byakuya and Ichigo, Haschwalth was able to use this passage in order to access it, via a transport technique. To do this, Haschwalth raises his sword above his head, summoning a light at the tip of the sword, which projects a Hagalaz rune onto the ground. This technique is called: The Key (鍵を, Kagiwo). Haschwalth, Yhwach and Uryū used it to get to the Reiōkyū within a beam of light that released a shockwave powerful enough to blow apart and separate all the fighters battling at the Seireitei.

  • Bow and arrows: In his youth, before Yhwach recruited him into his army, Haschwalth carried a normal bow and a quiver of arrows to compensate for the fact that he could not train a Heilig Bogen or Heilig Pfeil .
  • Sword: In his youth, before Yhwach recruited him into his army, Haschwalth carried a normal long-handled broadsword with a black scabbard to compensate for the fact that he couldn't form weapons from spiritual particles.


While soldiers are cleaning up the corpses of Luders and Ebern, Haschwalth spots the latter's medallion on the ground and notices that it bears traces of use. He then calls Yhwach and informs him that Ichigo's Bankai could not have been stolen from him. Later, when King Quincy learns that Quilge is facing Ichigo at Hueco Mundo, he summons the Stern Ritters to gather at the Sun Gate and prepare to invade the Soul Society. Haschwalth stands in the front row, ahead of all the others, as the gate opens before them.

When the Seireitei invasion begins, Haschwalth appears at the gate of the Black Mausoleum, guarded by soldiers of the 13th Division. Unlike the other Stern Ritters, he does not attack the Shinigami soldiers, but simply advances. When challenged by Hidetomo Kajōmaru, the 13th Division's 6th officer, Haschwalth tries to convince him to flee, but when the soldier attacks him, he ends his run by cutting him in 2.

Later, he is with Royd, in the guise of Yhwach, when Kenpachi joins them, impaling 3 Stern Ritters on his saber. Asking the Shinigami how he had succeeded where all the others had failed, the latter retorted that he had done nothing extraordinary and simply ignored Haschwalth, who called him a monster before attacking Royd. Moments later, the Captain of the 11th Division was defeated by his opponent, who held him inert by the throat. Just then, Yamamoto arrives at Royd's back, challenging him in turn, believing he is dealing with Yhwach.

He remains a spectator to the fight, observing Yamamoto's Bankai, Zanka no Tachi. He remains puzzled by the charred sword, but Royd warns him that all the flames are now locked inside the sword. One blow and it's all over. It's a sword of infernal fire that consumes everything it slices in an explosion of flames. When the Captain General activates Zanka no Tachi: "Nishi" - Zanjitsu Gokui, a 15-million-degree flame shield, which once again ignites the battlefield and melts the ground beneath his feet, Haschwalth is particularly shocked that such heat should take the form of flames. He even tells himself that it's an illusion before realizing that it's actually the overwhelming materialization of his spiritual pressure.

Haschwalth then witnesses the conclusion of the fight between Yamamoto and Royd, as well as the arrival of the real Yhwach, who slices the Captain General in half with little difficulty. King Quincy prepares to leave and orders Haschwalth to follow him, but Yamamoto, still conscious, grabs the Emperor's cloak. The latter then cuts off his arm and lectures him on his defeat. He reveals that he didn't list him as a Special Military Force because of his reluctance to exploit others, which then made him much weaker than he was before. Yhwach then fires countless arrows at Yamamoto with his finger, completely annihilating his body. He then orders Haschwalth to tell the Stern Ritters that they must put Soul Society to the sword. The latter summon soldiers, but the Seireitei and the main forces of Gotei 13 have already been virtually decimated.

In the Garganta, Ichigo burns with rage when his cage is finally broken. The Quincys have detected this new adversary who, filled with rage, moves towards Yhwach and throws his sword in front of him. Yhwach stops Haschwalth in his tracks and congratulates Ichigo on his escape from the Quilge prison, although he doesn't know how he managed it. He also asks him if he really intends to fight with his body covered in wounds. Ichigo ignores him and asks if he is the leader of the opposing camp, and Yhwach declares that he is both his enemy and not, before confirming that he is indeed responsible for the current state of the Soul Society. Ichigo's spiritual pressure explodes, and King Quincy declares that he has no other option but to eliminate him.

The latter has no way of gaining the upper hand over his opponent, who then throws a Getsuga Tenshō at him, to no effect. Yhwach then tackles Ichigo to the ground and pierces his throat with his sword. He notices that Ichigo is still breathing and orders Haschwalth to take him to their castle, where they can revive him and recruit him into their army. Ichigo wakes up immediately and catches King Quincy in an explosion of Reiatsu. Yhwach notices that Quincy has used Blut Vene, one of his abilities. He reattaches it to confirm what he has seen and then, after confirmation, admits that he has made a huge mistake in using a Quincy to stop him, as the latter has awakened the memories of his Reiatsu. He explains to the young Shinigami that, in trying to escape from Quilge's prison, Ichigo had to use all his Reiatsu and, on his way back, it absorbed some of the surrounding Reiatsu and awakened Quincy's memories buried deep in his soul. This also enabled him to escape, as the prison cannot trap a Quincy.

He then declares that Ichigo knows nothing about himself, or even his own mother, and tells him that he will reveal everything to him after he has surrendered and taken him to the Vandenreich. Yhwach then uses Kuvan Kleist, a technique that overwhelms the Shinigami, who faints. King Quincy approaches him and is about to attack again when shadows appear behind him. Haschwalth points out that his time outside the Schatten Bereich is coming to an end. Yhwach then realizes that Aizen has blurred his perception of time while they were talking and turns to leave. The Stern Ritters and other Quincys soldiers take the opportunity to slip away. Ichigo then gets up and tries to attack them again to stop them, but Haschwalth breaks his sword in two. Yhwach leaves, declaring that one day he'll be back to take it, and that he should heal his wounds in the meantime, calling Ichigo his "son born in darkness". A few days later, Haschwalth leaves for the Real World with the aim of recruiting Uryū Ishida into their army. The latter ends up following the Stern Ritter to the Schatten Bereich, where he is welcomed by Yhwach himself. The latter, pleased to see him, welcomes him as his son.

After Ishida's arrival at the Vandenreich, a general gathering is held in the Silbern cathedral. Haschwalth, standing on the dais alongside Lille Barro, Pernida Parnkgjas and Gerard Valkyrie, orders the Stern Ritters and soldiers to show their crosses. Yhwach then makes his entrance and announces to his subordinates that the final battle is approaching before ushering in Uryū, whom he designates as his successor. The announcement shocks the majority of the Stern Ritters, and Bazz-B in particular. He and Haschwalth exchange a brief glance. A little later, Bazz-B, in the Stern Ritters' common quarters, is still baffled by King Quincy's announcement and intends to ask him for an explanation. Just then, Jugram enters the room, ready to arrest Bazz-B by force if necessary. The latter is particularly frustrated, as he had been convinced that Haschwalth would be Yhwach's successor, and this announcement seems not to affect him. As the tension between the two intensifies, Askin Nakk Le Vaar steps in, reminding them that infighting is forbidden and could be detrimental to them, especially Haschwalth.

Before the new invasion begins, Haschwalth gathers most of the Stern Ritters around a table to share their objective: to steal the hope of the Shinigami. Many Ritters are pleased with this vision. As the new invasion begins and the Seireitei disappears, in favor of the Schatten Bereich, Haschwalth stands alongside Yhwach and Uryū before heading for Kyōraku and Nanao's position. The new Captain General is surprised to see an enemy, so soon after losing the field advantage. Stern Ritter "B" introduces himself to Kyōraku, whose recent promotion he knows, and explains that this is why he's here. So Nanao erects a barrier, Hakudan Keppeki, to temporarily neutralize Haschwalth's abilities. The latter, impressed by the level of Kidō's technique compliments her on her mastery before asking if she has shared it with the other Captains. Noting that she hadn't, he expresses his disappointment that, had she improved it in such a way as to benefit the other Captains, they might, in his words, have "died in battle and not simply been executed". As proof of this, an explosion erupted at the same moment behind the backs of the two Shinigamis, signalling the probable defeat of Soi Fon, in the midst of a battle with BG9.


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