Classement des Meilleurs Combats de Kisame dans Naruto

Ranking of Kisame's Best Fights in Naruto!

Kisame is one of the most feared villains in the Naruto universe, and has provided some of the most memorable battles in the series. His great sword, Samehada, was capable of devouring his targets' chakra even while simply blocking their attacks.

The shark-like villain fought many battles and was the only member of his organization (alongside Itachi) to pose a direct threat in the original series. By identifying Kisame's best confrontations and their outcomes, we can better understand the terror he wreaked on the shinobi world and the harm that was done.

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5/ Kisame fought Suigetsu outside Itachi's hideout

When it finally came time for Sasuke to take revenge on Itachi Uchiha, there was one immediate and difficult obstacle to his goal. The Akatsuki member's partner, Kisame, was waiting for him outside the compound, ready to fight.

However, the former Mist shinobi secretly wanted to see how Sasuke would fare against his older brother and used Suigetsu as a distraction to keep himself occupied. This triggered a battle between the water ninjas, one in which Jugo and Karin carefully avoided getting caught.

After Itachi's death, Zetsu resurfaced to relay the outcome of the battle to Kisame. The message interrupted his fight with Suigetsu and shocked everyone present to varying degrees.

There hadn't been much progress in determining the winner between Kisame and Suigetsu; now that their target had been successfully assassinated, there was no reason to continue the fight. Sasuke's allies fled the scene without an official winner being declared in the duel. As this would be the last time the two ninjas would cross paths, the potential outcome of the fight would remain one of the series' mysteries.

4/ Kisame and Itachi fought the Jonin at Konoha's border

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When it came time for the Akatsuki to retrieve the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kisame and Itachi were sent to Konoha. The villains' presence didn't go unnoticed - they were quickly approached by many of the village's sensei, including Kakashi Hatake , Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yuhi and Might Guy.

It was a particularly heart-rending encounter, since it was the first real illustration of the Akatsuki's power. What's more, Kakashi immediately identified Itachi and understood the importance of keeping him away from Sasuke - an attempt that would ultimately prove futile, no matter how hard he tried.

Although the Akatsuki single-handedly defeated two members of the defending party, it soon became clear that the longer they fought, the more reinforcements would arrive. Since Might Guy was able to fight intuitively without meeting Itachi's gaze because he used taijutsu, Kisame's natural counter, he posed a serious challenge to the two villains.

However, Kisame and his partner didn't leave empty-handed. They were able to unleash an atrocious genjutsu on Kakashi that disabled him for several days and further infiltrated the Leaf using a different route. Soon, they came face to face with the target they had been sent to find, Naruto Uzumaki.

3/ Kisame vs Killer Bee

Kisame interrupted Killer Bee's lyrical creation and attempted to capture him on behalf of his masters. Fortunately, the eight-tailed Jinchuriki was ready for battle and used the pen he was writing with as a deadly projectile.

What followed was a brutal fight that illustrated the extent of Kisame's power. Although Samehada was a perfect foil for Killer Bee's chakra, he savored the flavor so much that he defected to his side midway through the encounter.

Even without Samehada, Kisame had a huge advantage over Killer Bee and almost defeated him. Fortunately, the hustle and bustle of the battle attracted the Forth Raikage, who had been searching for his younger brother since Sasuke had probably kidnapped him.

Working together, Bee and A executed the Double Lariot, a devastating taijutsu technique that applies immense force to either side of the subject's head and crushes his skull. Although Kisame managed to hide in Samehada and replaced his original body with a white zetsu, he effectively fled the battle and therefore lost.

2/ Kisame and Itachi tried to kidnap Naruto, but were interrupted by Jiraya

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After Itachi threw a genjutsu at a local woman to distract Jiraiya and play on his lust, the Akatsuki thought they had an opportunity to ambush Naruto and grab him while his mentor was preoccupied.

Although this gamble almost succeeded, the Sannin came to his senses and interrupted the villains just before Kisame could begin cutting off his pupil's limbs. Sasuke also took the opportunity to seek revenge on Itachi, but had little to show for his efforts.

Jiraiya was able to deplete Itachi's sharingan by spending his Amaterasu. Since this was the Uchiwa's greatest asset, he ordered Kisame to flee. Together, the villains narrowly escaped a toad's stomach and avoided the wrath of the Sannin.

Kisame was frustrated by Itachi's decision but knew he couldn't defeat Jiraiya until his Konoha allies joined the fight as they had at the village border. Their retreat gave the Toad Sage the opportunity to train Naruto for the villains' return, for he knew they would not rest until Kurama was in their hands.

1/ Kisame vs Gaï

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Since Killer Bee had taken Samehada with him since his first encounter with Kisame (and because the villain was hiding in his own sword), he had a timely chance to attack Naruto as he attempted to subdue Kurama and curb Kurama's power. .

Fortunately, Might Guy saw through the ruse and attacked him before he could put his plan into action. This led to Kisame's final and most memorable battle.

Although Kisame was a difficult opponent for even a taijutsu master to defeat, Might Guy's victory was secured by opening the Seventh Gate. This facilitated his use of the Daytime Tiger technique, a powerful shockwave that won the battle in one decisive strike.

Having captured the villain, Guy and his allies prepared to question him about his comrades and the increasingly ominous forces at work. However, Kisame created sharks that consumed his own body, taking the secrets he knew to his grave. Despite his treacherous nature and history, he died with a semblance of loyalty to the cause he had given everything to provide.


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