Classement des Meilleurs Combats de Tanjiro dans Demon Slayer

Ranking of Tanjiro's Best Fights in Demon Slayer!

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer fights not just to survive, but to protect what makes humanity truly alive. Here are his most memorable battles to date.

Demon Slayer is today one of the most popular and best-selling manga franchises, and could be considered one of the "big three" modern shonen titles along with Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia . From the anime's incredible visuals to the elegant, modern setting, many factors have contributed to Demon Slayer's success.

There's another important factor at play: the kindness of protagonist Kamado Tanjiro . Not all shonen heroes have to be extremely generous and compassionate, but Tanjiro certainly is, which makes it clear why and how he fights. Tanjiro is fighting to defend the soul of the human race, something intangible but infinitely precious to him. Several of Demon Slayer's decisive battle scenes make this clear.

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3/ Tanjiro Vs Nezuko

Tanjiro's very first fight in Demon Slayer took place during the anime premiere, after the evil Kibutsuji Muzan had slaughtered the Kamado family and turned Nezuko into a demon herself . Tanjiro fought for his life to keep his sister's fangs and claws at bay, but he would never try to kill her. Nezuko was all he had left in the world, and strong family ties sustained Tanjiro and gave him purpose.

An outgoing, extroverted boy defined primarily by his relationship with others and his kindness to them, Tanjiro naturally couldn't shoot his sister - even to save his own life. Luckily for him, the Hashira Tomioka Giyu water arrived and helped hold her back until a better solution could be found.

2/ Tanjiro VS Hand Demon

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Qui est le père de Tanjiro Kamado ?

Later in the story, Tanjiro took his final demon-slaying exam in a mountain arena surrounded by wisteria. In this combat zone, he encountered the enormous Hand Demon, a vengeful creature with the blood of dozens of humans on its hands. To avenge his capture, this enemy made it a point of honor to always kill Sakonji Urokodaki's masked disciples during these examinations. Tanjiro killed the demon to pass the exam, but he also wanted to save the life of another candidate and, above all, he wept for his cruel opponent.

For the first time in Demon Slayer , Tanjiro truly appreciated that all demons were once innocent humans, and that their humanity was not dead, but buried deep within them. He fights for the intangible goodness of humanity present in all men and demons, a trend that will continue later.


1/ Tanjiro VS Akaza

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Demon Slayer's "Mugen Train" arc ended when the Hashira flame Rengoku Kyojuro faced the Upper Moon Three, Akaza. Kyojuro eventually lost his life in this battle, but Tanjiro openly considered him the victor. Since Kyojuro died on his own terms and resisted Akaza's tempting offer to survive as a demon, Tanjiro believed that true virtue prevailed despite death. He then hurled his Nichirin sword at the retreating Akaza and impaled him, sparking a grudge between the two characters and proving the strength of Tanjiro's determination.

Despite having no chance of killing Akaza that day, Tanjiro stood by his principles and reaffirmed to viewers that he was fighting for more than survival, revenge or even duty. For this hero, it's not enough to save lives and declare "mission accomplished". Tanjiro fights to defend the very soul of humanity - its virtues as well as its darkest aspects - and he won't understand it for any reason. That's why he defended Kyojuro so much - the flesh of the Hashira flame may have died, but his noble principles as a mortal human triumphed over Akaza's tempting offer. In this sense, the human spirit has defeated the silver-tongued devil.

In Tanjiro's eyes, if he or the human race sacrifices their principles and innate goodness to survive, then their goodness will truly die, regardless of what happens to the flesh. As his track record makes clear, Tanjiro is fighting to rid the world of the kind of evil that will turn humanity into something it's not meant to be. This theme may present itself once again in Demon Slayer as he, Zenitsu and Inosuke head to the entertainment district with Tengen Uzui.


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