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Classement des meilleurs Fruits du Démon dans la série One Piece

Ranking of the best Demon Fruit in the One Piece series!

When Netflix announced a live-action adaptation of One Piece , many anime and manga fans were worried, as live-action adaptations have a terrible track record. Fortunately, the live action series turned out to be excellent, and fans can't wait for the second season. The first season featured just two Devil Fruit users, but the next saga will introduce many more Demon Fruits. These Devil Fruits will all have unique powers, but some are much stronger than others.

Paramecium types will be the most common, offering a variety of superhuman abilities. Zoan types generally allow their users to transform into some kind of animal, and a few will appear in season 2. There will also be Logia users, and their powers are particularly powerful as they can control specific elements.

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6/ Fruit of the earth

User: Daz Bonez

Das Bonez was a bounty hunter before becoming Baroque Works' highest-ranking male officer. He gives Zoro a lot of trouble during their fight in Alabasta, which is understandable since he is a highly skilled martial artist who can transform any part of his body into a sharp steel blade.

This is the power of the Dice-Dice fruit. Daz can perfectly combine blade work with martial arts, and because he can make his body as hard as steel, he's almost immune to damage. He can even move his blades across his skin to turn his forearms into mini-saws.

5/ The flowering fruit

User: Nico Robin

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Nico Robin will join the Straw Hats at the end of the Alabasta saga, but when the crew first meets her, she'll be vice-president of Baroque Works. She has eaten the Fruit-Flower, a Paramecium that gives her the ability to sprout duplicate body parts on any surface.

In combat, Nico Robin mainly uses this ability to create arms on her opponent's body. She can either hold them back, or eliminate them by breaking their bones. She can sprout hundreds of limbs and combine them into large feet capable of trampling several enemies at once. Nico Robin can now sprout a large demonic copy of her upper body with hardened red skin that can sprout several arms.

4/ The wax fruit

User: Galdino

While working for Baroque Works, Galdino was known as Mr. 3. He was the main villain of the Little Garden arc, which introduces the Giants for the first time. He ate the Wax-Wax Fruit, a Paramecia that enables him to create and control candle wax.

Galdino can manipulate wax as he sees fit, whether in liquid or solid form. He can use the liquid form to bind his opponents. He can create wax constructs to defend himself, as well as wax clones of himself. He can create weapons such as swords and spears. This is very useful, as the solid wax he produces is stronger than steel.

3/ Smoky-smoked fruit

User: Smoker

Smoker was teased in the season finale of Netflix's One Piece series, and the Straw Hats will have to deal with him if they want to get to Grand Line, as he's the Navy captain stationed in Loguetown. He has eaten the Smoke-Smoke Fruit, which enables him to create and transform himself into smoke.

Smoker can use smoke to propel himself like a rocket, and he can scatter it over the battlefield to obscure people's vision. Smoker can fire powerful jets of smoke and increase the density of his smoke to hold back his enemies. Like other Logia types, non-Haki attacks pass through his body.

2/ The Flame Fruit

End user: Portgas D. Ace

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Season 2 will introduce Portgas D. Ace, Luffy's older adopted brother. At present, Ace is the commander of Whitebeard's 2nd Division and is searching for Blackbeard. He and Luffy are scheduled to meet in Alabasta, and he will use his Demon Fruit to fight Smoker and others.

Ace has eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit, a Logia that gives him the ability to create and transform into fire. Ace can unleash huge waves of fire capable of causing large-scale damage, and his burning fists can destroy entire cities. He can also fire incendiary bullets from his fingers.

1/ The fruit of the sands

User: Crocodile

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Season 2's main villain will be Crocodile , the sea warlord who runs Baroque Works. He has eaten the Sand-Sand Fruit, a Logia that gives him the ability to create and transform himself into sand. Like other Logia users, most non-Haki attacks pass safely through his body.

The crocodile can use this power to create powerful sandstorms that can cause severe drought. The darkest aspect of this Demon Fruit is the fact that it can absorb moisture from any object. If Crocodile catches someone, it can leave them in a mummified, near-death state.


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