Classement des combats les plus violents dans l'histoire des mangas

Ranking of the most violent fights in manga/anime history!

Shonen anime such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto feature some of the most brutal fighting in the history of the anime and manga industry.

The world of shonen anime offers many action-oriented series where martial arts, magic and swords generally prevail. These combat-oriented shonen series rank among the most popular in the entire anime industry, thanks to their breathtaking fight sequences. This includes older series from the 1980s and 90s that still hold up, and many new series that keep the action going.

Some fight scenes in shonen anime are defined by clever tricks and ingenious thinking, such as the pit battles in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure . Other shonen action scenes are all about extreme violence, where heroes and villains do their utmost to fight senseless with their fists, kicks and even bone-shattering magic attacks. These fight scenes aren't for the faint of heart, but for action fans, the anime doesn't get much better than this.


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6/ Takemichi Hanagaki and friends versus Taiju Shiba (Tokyo Revengers)

The second season of Tokyo Revengers introduced a terrifying new villain, the muscular Taiju Shiba. During the Christmas confrontation arc, dandere protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki looked for a way to end the fighting and save everyone, but he couldn't avoid fighting Taiju Shiba hand-to-hand.

The fight in this church was brutal, even by Tokyo Revengers standards. Halfway through the battle, Taiju's own sister Yuzuha stabbed him, but Taiju was far from finished. Takemichi was beaten within an inch of his life fighting Taiju, but he refused to surrender, and his friend Hakkai also fought bravely until help finally arrived.

5/Kenpachi Zaraki versus Nnoitora Gilga ( Bleach )

The Bleach anime is full of terrible, bloody battles, including some truly savage ones in the Hueco Mundo story arc. Shortly after the end of Ichigo's duel with Grimmjow, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki crossed blades with the 5th Espada, Nnoitora Gilga, in a duel to the death.

Kenpachi and Nnoitora tore into each other, and Nnoitora twice slammed his hand into Kenpachi's chest. Kenpachi refused to go down, however, and used kendo to cut off five of Nnoitora's six arms to turn the tide of the battle. Then, on demand, Kenpachi struck Nnoitora for good, finishing him off.

4/ Captain Levi Ackerman Vs Female Titan (Attack of the Titans)

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In the first season of Attack on Titan , Captain Levi Ackerman intended to escort Eren through the forest and avoid a fight with the Titan Woman if possible. Then the fearsome Titan Woman caught up with and slaughtered Levi's allies, forcing Levi to enter the bloody fray.

The violence reached new heights when Levi drew his swords and ferociously attacked his Titan foe. He tore the female Titan apart from head to toe, including stabbing both eyes at once, and Levi's actions freed Eren from the Titan's mouth. Afterwards, the overwhelmed female Titan was captured, bringing the fight to a conclusive end.

3/ Monkey D. Luffy versus Charlotte Katakuri (One Piece)

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In the Whole Cake saga of One Piece , Luffy challenged Big Mom's pirates to get his teammate Sanji Vinsmoke back, which meant fighting Charlotte Linlin's chief general, Charlotte Katakuri. Luffy and Katakuri faced off in Brulee's mirror world, where they fought as true equals. Both had martial arts expertise and extensible Demon Fruit powers.

This savage battle lasted many episodes and Luffy was badly beaten. Despite his horrific injuries and exhaustion, Luffy fought on and eventually triumphed with Gear Four's new form. What's more, defeating such a wealthy opponent increased Luffy's own bounty, a fitting reward for this hard-earned victory.

2/ Yusuke Urameshi versus young Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yu Yu Hakusho is a 1990s anime with many brutal fights to its name, including protagonist Yusuke Urameshi's battle against younger brother Toguro in Dark Tournament . This incredibly violent and exciting fight is an excellent example of why the Dark Tournament arc is so famous.

It was an all-out brawl between two powerful martial artists, and it was a real nail-biter. Yusuke was pushed to the limit, especially when Toguro revealed his horrific demon form, and at first it looked like Yusuke was really dead. This fight was also an early and excellent example of the villain revealing ever-stronger forms to keep upping the ante.

1/ Goku vs Freezer (Dragon Ball Z)

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Son Goku's long battle against the evil Freezer was the battle of a generation in Dragon Ball Z. Goku fought tirelessly to defend Namek from Frieza, and it was an absolutely brutal affair. Frieza powered up several times, taking on new forms to challenge Goku even more.

In this fight, Goku used everything he had, from the underwater Kamehameha attacks to the powerful Spirit Bomb and Kaio-ken x10 and x20, among other moves. It was hard to see the lovable Goku being beaten so savagely in this fight, but Goku fought on, determined to save the day against impossible odds, no matter the pain.


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