Shoko Leiri

Shoko Leiri

Who Is Shoko Ieiri In Jujutsu Kaisen? - Anime Explained

Shōko Ieiri (Ieiri Shōko)is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series . She is a former student ofTokyo Jujutsu High, having been classmates withSatoru GojoandSuguru Geto. After graduating as a fully-fledged jujutsu sorcerer, Shoko became the school's head doctor.

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Shoko is a tall woman with long brown hair that extends beyond her shoulders, which she sometimes ties back into a ponytail when she's working. She has soft brown eyes with dark lines underneath, giving the impression that she hasn't had enough sleep. Shoko has a mole under her right eye and thick brown eyebrows.

Shoko normally wears a white lab coat over a blue turtleneck and darker navy-blue pants that come to just above her ankle. She finishes her outfit with cream-colored heels.

As a student, Shoko's hair was short and only just above her chin. She wore the typical jujutsu jacket uniform. For casual summer wear, she wore a long-sleeved shirt, shorts and sandals.


Shoko is a very laid-back, nonchalant person, especially compared to Kiyotaka Ijichi's nervous attitude and the overly playful Satoru. As a student alongside Satoru and Suguru, she would let the two fight it out and simply withdraw from the situation as it escalated. She liked to make fun of them, as when she called them both trash to Utahime Iori or when she took Satoru's sunglasses and wore them after he had been punished by Masamichi Yaga .

Shoko didn't seem to take any situation very seriously in general at the time. Shoko smoked openly in public even though he was obviously a high school student. Even after Suguru went rogue, Shoko was able to have an informal chat with him about what he'd done. She was quite comfortable asking Suguru about the accusations and even called him childish for sulking because nobody understands him. She even called Satoru to come and confront Suguru right in front of him without any fear for her own life.

As the school doctor, Shoko seems to take her job seriously, but she's very stoic. While Satoru was upset by Yuji Itadori's death, Shoko kept her personal feelings out of the situation and only wanted to perform an autopsy, noting that Satoru was more emotional than usual. Apparently, Shoko often becomes nostalgic for his high school years and will decide to smoke a cigarette despite giving up the habit.

Shoko remained calm in the field and had no fear of being discovered in Shibuya despite the danger of being a high-value target. She was going to be protected by a few of her cursed corpses, but she assured Yaga that he didn't need to guard her personally.



Gojo Satoru

Gojo's past bow

When Shoko was a second-year university student, Shoko, Gojo and Geto go to see Mei Mei and Utahime Iori after not hearing from them for two days. After making sure Mei Mei and Utahime are okay and that the spirit has been dealt with, Utahime with Geto and Gojo meet Masamichi Yaga , where Gojo is punished for not installing a screen. Later, Shoko is with Geto and Gojo, as Gojo and Geto discuss the heavy use of screens. When Gojo and Geto start arguing about the strong protecting the weak and the role of wizards in this curse-filled world, Shoko quickly flees.

A year later, Shoko and Geto help test Gojo's technique. After Gojo explains how his new technique works, Shoko says that Gojo will fry his brain if he leaves the technique still active, but Gojo replies that he also has an active recovery technique. Some time later, Shoko has a meeting with Geto in Shinjuku; she calls Gojo and tells him she's spotted their old classmate.

Bow of the Redoubtable Uterus

Shoko meets Gojo and Kiyotaka Ijichi at the college mortuary to examine the body of Yuji Itadori. Just as Shoko is about to begin the dissection, she is disappointed when Yuji is resuscitated, as she won't be able to examine his body. Shoko and Gojo then leave and explain how they won't inform the superiors that Yuji is alive, since Gojo wants to increase Yuji's strength.

Shoko Ieiri |

Against. Mahito bow
Shoko calls Kento Nanami and Yuji and informs them that the cursed spirits they sent her were once humans. She explains how someone transformed the bodies of the humans and that they all died from the shock of their bodies' transformation.
Arc Shibuya incident

On October 31, Shoko set up a place to treat wizards injured in the Shibuya incident. Shoko is with Masamichi and tells him she doesn't need him there. Masamichi explains how they can't leave Shoko alone, since she's the only one who can use reverse techniques to heal wizards injured in battle. Shoko is with Masamichi when Sukuna delivers Megumi Fushiguro to them.

Yuji Itadori
Felling Game Bow

After the events in Shibuya, Shoko briefly explains the process of the cursed technique to Maki and Ijichi in preparation for the Culling game. Some time later, she and Yuta Okkotsu correct Hana Kurusu's injuries so that she can attempt to unseal Gojo from the prison realm, watching with the other students as the seal is broken. Then she tells Gojo about Kento Nanami's death and calls Takuma Ino to discuss something. Shoko smiles and watches with the other teachers as Gojo prepares for his fight with Sukuna.

Abilities and Powers

Overall skill level: Shoko has never been a combat-type sorcerer and has never been trained as a student. Shoko has not shown the ability to use normal cursed techniques , but she has always possessed the rare ability to use a reverse cursed technique . She can convert it into output and apply it to others to regenerate lost limbs and heal wounds, something Satoru Gojo can't even do. However, when asked how it works, Shoko is unable to put it into proper words that could actually teach someone else how to use it.

Shoko has the knowledge required of a good doctor while possessing the witchcraft skills to save her comrades at any time. She is invaluable to the wizards of Jujutsu High. When Nanami was injured by Mahito in their first fight, he retreated to Jujutsu High to receive treatment from Shoko. Both Ijichi and Ino would have died had it not been for her immediate care during the Shibuya incident.

Yuji Itadori

Her skills as a doctor also make Shoko highly proficient in the field of witchcraft as far as biology is concerned. By dissecting two transfigured humans, it was Shoko who was able to discover that they were not actually cursed spirits but former humans transfigured by a cursed technique. Shoko was also the one who correctly theorized that the punishment of removing the Culling Game's cursed technique would affect the players' brains and end their lives as a result.


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