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Shuichi Akai is an FBI agent and a major figure in the battle against the Men in Black Organization in the anime and manga Detective Conan. For a time, he assumed the identity of Dai Moroboshi, and infiltrated the Organization, where his code name was Rye. During this period, he became an enemy of Gin and Bourbon, and fell in love with Akemi Miyano. These days, he can also be found under the name of Subaru Okiya.

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Shuichi Akai is an American-Japanese member of the FBI who is in Japan on a special mission to capture Vermouth. His superior is James Black, and his partner, Jodie Starling. He infiltrated the Organization under the name Dai Moroboshi as a spy, and dated Akemi Miyano, one of the lower-ranking members, to gather information on the Organization for the FBI, including meeting her sister, Shiho Miyano. He actually fell in love with Akemi, and had to break off his relationship with Jodie. Two years before the current timeline, he received the code name "Rye" and was called to work under Gin. The FBI set a trap in the hope of capturing Gin in a warehouse where a meeting was supposed to take place, but his cover was blown by the Organization, due to a mistake by his colleague André Camel, and Gin never showed up. When Akemi was killed, he declared her murderer, Gin (with whom he'd had tensions before), to be his personal enemy.


Akai is a very professional agent. Even with personal problems, he remains aloof and rather cold. However, he has a strong sense of loyalty. Intelligent, and capable of very good deductions, he is the Organization's #1 enemy: he has even earned the nickname "Silver Bullet". He continues to seek a way to destroy the Organization and avenge Akemi's death. He also likes to be independent, especially from the FBI and his boss James Black. James Black says that Akai is an introverted person, who doesn't easily become close to other people, and has closed himself off even more with Akemi's death. He doesn't often speak his mind. Akai seems to get on well with Conan.


Akai is a tall man of Japanese origin. He has permanent dark circles under his eyes. He is often described as having a sharp gaze. His eyes are blue in the manga (like all the other characters), and green in the anime. He also always wears a black cap. A year ago, he had long hair, but cut it after Akemi's death. Akai is left-handed, a heavy smoker, and his favorite drink is bourbon.

He's often dressed in a gray jacket over a black T-shirt, with black pants, and his beanie.



Akai is very clever. He once created an ambush, knowing that the Organization would come and try to kill Kogoro . He also said that "making them think the FBI planted the bug was a priority".

Akai is a very good sniper


Akai, is a very good sniper, able to titter at a small piece of chewing gum in Gin's hand at 700 yards, which is far more than the Organization's professional snipers, Chianti and Korn. He also manages to shoot Gin from the same distance. Akai is also good with shotguns; he shoots Vermouth at the hip, faster than she can shoot her pistol.

Akai is a very good driver. He drives fast and is very skilful, whether in traffic jams or making U-turns. He drives a Chevrolet C1500.


The bus hijacking (Manga: 287-289; Anime: 230-231)
Shuichi Akai (Episode 230-231)

Conan , Agasa and the Detective Boys board a bus to go skiing. Akai also boards the bus, wearing a mask over his face, behind Jodie Starling and Vermouth disguised as Tomoaki Araide . The bus is taken hostage by burglars demanding the release of their boss, and Conan discovers that they have an accomplice in the back of the bus, where Shuichi Akai is seated. Akai is therefore a suspect. After the boss is released, the robbers call Akai and Araide to the front of the bus, and ask them to wear their ski suits. Conan ruins the kidnappers' plans by bringing the bus driver to a sudden halt, knocking the kidnappers off their feet. Akai stays on his feet and attacks one of them, but is confused when it falls before he can touch it: Conan put him to sleep with his watch first. The police apprehend the kidnappers and Akai watches as Araide accosts Conan, trying to look at the wound on his arm. Before leaving, Akai records a message saying he was unable to find Vermouth's target: Shiho Miyano.

The kidnapping of James Black (Manga: 325-327; Anime: 258-259)
James plans to meet Akai after a show. He's unable to do so because he's accosted by reporters who mistake him for the show's wealthy sponsor, then meets the Detective Boys, with whom he has a chat. James is then mistakenly kidnapped by criminals seeking a ransom. Akai goes in search of James Black. As a former member of the Organization, Akai tricks Haibara into thinking that one of the men in black is near her.

Akai swears revenge on Gin

Akai figures out where James is and catches up with the kidnappers. He then goes to the front when he sees Conan and the police setting up a trap to stop the kidnappers' car. Akai drives past Agasa's car and looks inside, where Conan shields Haibara from his view. After his release, James takes advantage of the confusion to leave with Akai, before being questioned by the police. James tells him what happened and asks Akai if he brought him here to "get back together with his girlfriend" (he's referring to Gin). Akai confirms and says that he wants to make his girlfriend (koibito) regret letting him down, and that she'll cry tears of blood. He will later make Gin "cry" tears of blood, when his bullet grazes Gin's cheek in the events of "Black Impact".

Conan's suspicions
Conan suspects that another member of the Organization was present at the funeral ceremony (Episode 177-179) after reflecting on how Picso managed to obtain another purple handkerchief, while Conan had retrieved his own from the crime scene. After the bus hijacking, Habaira tells Conan that there was definitely someone from the Organization on the bus. Conan's first suspect is Shuichi Akai, whose attitude struck him as suspicious. Conan recognizes Akai from the James Black kidnapping. Conan seems to be quite nervous about Akai investigating them, when, for example, in one case, one of the suspects says he saw someone in a black hat (who was actually Makoto ).

Sato's omiai (Manga: 328-330; Anime: 253-254) and Valentine's Day (Manga: 331-334; Anime: 266-268)
Ran thinks he's met Akai somewhere

Ran notices Akai leaving the restaurant where Miwako Sato is for her omiai with Shiratori. Akai is there to keep an eye on Dr.Araide, who is actually Vermouth in disguise. Ran realizes she's met him once before, but can't remember where. Later, while in the mountains with Sonoko and Conan, one of the suspects claims to have seen a tall man wearing a black cap. Ran says she might know this person, and Conan wonders if she's talking about Akai. He then starts to ask her about it, but changes his mind before finishing his sentence.

Forgetting the crime memento (Manga: 335-337; Anime: 269-270)
Takagi informs Conan that all the archives of the cases solved by Kogoro were stolen from the police station on the day of the bus hijacking, before being further restored.Conan begins to wonder who the target is and suspects Akai of being behind it because of the timing. He wonders if Akai is a member of the Organization. He then tries to call the Mouri Detective Agency, but no one answers. Conan rushes over and finds no one there. Just when Conan begins to worry that Akai has taken care of Ran and Kogoro, he is relieved to learn that Ran has only gone out to buy meat. He tries again to ask Ran if she knows Akai, but changes his mind, thinking there's no way Ran would know someone like Akai. Meanwhile, Akai stands outside Detective Mouri's agency, watching.

Shinichi Kudo in New York (Manga: 350-354; Anime: 286-288)
Akai tries to take Ran away from the serial killer

A year before the current events, Shinichi, Ran, Yukiko take a trip to New York, while Vermouth and Akai are in the United States. After leaving Yukiko, Shinichi and Ran at the theater, Sharon Vineyard (i.e. Vermouth) disguises herself as a silver-haired serial killer in order to trap and kill Shuichi Akai. Vermouth underestimates Akai, and shoots from his side. Vermouth escapes, but Akai continues to search for her. He then meets Ran, who is waiting in the rain for Shinichi near a cab. The cab driver and Ran initially believe that Akai is the serial killer, and the cab driver flees, leaving Ran alone. Akai asks Ran if she's seen a man with long silver hair. One of Akai's colleagues arrives and asks Akai if he's found the serial killer, and Ran sees the FBI logo on his jacket. Akai grabs Ran by the arm to take her away from this corner, but she resists because Shinichi is still there. Akai then coldly orders Ran to leave the area because it's dangerous.

detective conan

Meeting Ran (Manga: 379-380; Anime:308-309)
Ran meets Akai

Conan and Akai are on the street, heading home. Ran explains to Conan how difficult it is to wait for Shinichi's return, and begins to cry. He approaches a phone booth, and Akai steps out. Ran and Akai recognize each other. Conan is surprised that Ran and Akai seem to know each other, and asks Ran who he is. Ran then tells him the story of how she met Akai in New York. She mentions seeing a man in an FBI jacket. As Akai walks away, Conan loses sight of him. Conan is surprised by this new information and wonders what the FBI is doing in Japan. He also considers the possibility that Shuichi Akai is an Organization spy in the FBI, as well as the fact that he killed the serial killer in New York, and is involved in Haibara's past .

Contact with the Organization (Manga: 383; Anime: 311)
Haibara finds Conan passed out in a locker at Kenbashi station. As they leave, Akai sees Haibara and immediately recognizes her. Akai's gaze triggers Haibara's sense of his presence, and she looks around, frightened, to see where it's coming from, but Akai has already retreated, and she doesn't have time to catch a glimpse of him.

Following Yukiko (Manga: 417-419; Anime: 335-336)
Akai finds the resemblance between Ai and Shiho striking

Shuichi Akai, suspicious that Haibara is Shiho, asks two people to follow Yukiko as she leads the Junior Detectives to a studio to see the preview of Kamen Yaiba. The two take several photos, including one that Akai keeps in his truck afterwards. Conan and Yukiko notice that they are being followed. They continue to wait in the parking lot until Takagi comes to see them, at Conan's request. They then tell Akai that they can't continue their stalking. In the end, Akai looks again at the developed photos they've been given, and thinks the resemblance between Haibara and Shiho Miyano is too obvious to ignore.

The four porsches (Manga: 420-422; Anime: 338-339)
While driving, Akai sees Conan on a live TV show, waiting in line for a restaurant. He quickly heads for the mall where Conan is. When he arrives, the police are on the scene, as a murder has occurred. Agasa calls Araide to fetch Haibara, and Akai overhears the conversation through the microphones in Araide's office. He follows Jodie and Araide to Agasa's house and waits outside to eavesdrop on the conversations using the microphones Jodie has just installed in Agasa's house.

Confrontation with Vermouth (Manga: 429-434; Anime: 345)
Akai at the confrontation with Vermouth

Conan and Jodie confront Vermouth and reveal his disguise. During the confrontation, Jodie is wounded by a shot from Calvados, a sniper hidden on some sort of shipping crate. Calvados also tries to shoot Ran, who rushes to Haibara to protect her from Vermouth's shots. Akai sneaks up behind Calvados and disables him, silently breaking his legs and taking his rifle, shotgun and three pistols. Akai then walks towards Jodie and Vermouth. Vermouth mistakenly thinks the footsteps are coming from Calvados. She is then shocked when she sees that it is Akai who is coming. Vermouth tries to shoot him, but Akai fires first, hitting his bulletproof vest and breaking a few ribs. He also lightly scratches Vermouth's face, proving that she's not wearing a mask. To escape, Vermouth grabs the unconscious Conan and takes him hostage, fleeing in Jodie's car. To prevent them from following her, she shoots through her rear-view mirror and hits the gas tank of Araide's car, causing it to explode. Akai notices, however, that at least they have his accomplice, Calvados, but at this point, Calvados commits suicide with another gun that Akai hadn't seen. Akai then hears police sirens and tells Jodie to make up a story involving a kidnapping case. Before leaving, he tells Jodie that he's not yet ready to see Haibara.

Black Impact (Manga: 499-504; Anime: 425)

Kogoro Mouri , Ran and Conan help reporter Rena Mizunashi solve a doorbell case. To catch the prankster, Conan sticks a gum-wrapped microphone in front of the door. The case is solved, but Conan forgets the microphone, which ends up stuck to the bottom of Rena's shoe. Conan discovers that Rena is a member of the Organization of Men in Black, known as Kir, and that she is involved in an assassination plot. Conan must find the microphone before the Organization notices and suspects Kogoro of planting it. Jodie Starling contacts Akai and explains the difficult situation, but doesn't know what he's going to do. James Black explains that Akai is still an introvert, and has become even more withdrawn since the death of his girlfriend (later revealed to be Akemi Miyano).

Akai shoots Gin

After hearing a lot of interference on their radios, Gin looks for the cause and discovers Conan's microphone/tracker on Kir's shoe, which she left in the car when changing clothes. With the boss's agreement, Gin abandons the original mission and heads for Detective Mouri's Agency to kill Kogoro. Conan narrowly prevents Kogoro's assassination, but Gin still has Conan's tracker with his fingerprints on it. As Gin holds it up for a closer look, Akai shoots at it from a building 700 yards away, knocking the gum out of Gin's hands. Gin grabs Korn's rifle and uses it to locate Shuichi Akai. Just as he finds him, Akai fires a bullet that grazes Gin's left cheek, causing him to bleed. At this point, Akai says "we meet at last, my dear, dear koibito-san". Gosho Aoyama uses the word "koibito" in a double sense. Indeed, he uses the kanji for "old enemy" (宿敵), but the furigana (pronunciation) of "koibito" (こいびと), giving Akai's words a double meaning. Akai has ironically dubbed Gin "the beloved", despite the fact that he considers him his sworn enemy. By flaying Gin's cheek, Akai fulfills the promise he made at the end of the James Black kidnapping, to make his "lover" shed tears of blood.

Akai then fires twice into Gin's bulletproof vest to encourage him to leave quickly, while deliberately not killing Gin, although he was capable of doing so. Akai later explains that he wanted to avoid a shootout in the middle of Beika, where people could have been hurt. Despite Gin's misgivings, Akai managed to make the Organization believe that the FBI was behind the tracker, and that Kogoro was merely bait.

Kir in hospital (Manga: 550; Anime: 462)

The FBI discusses what to do with Mizunashi Rena. Akai wants to use her as bait to trap the Organization and notices that her name is a pun on "007", reminiscent of James Bond.

The false patient (Manga: 595-598; Anime: 495-497)

After hearing that Eisuke Hondo is in Haido Central Hospital after finding a clue, Conan and Jodie talk about Ethan Hondo. Jodie says that Akai verified that Ethan Hondo was a CIA agent. Conan asks Ran about the clue found by Eisuke, and discovers, that it's someone dialing the Organization boss's phone number. Jodie reports to Akai that a member of the Organization has infiltrated the hospital. Akai hears the news and heads for Rena's room. He already suspects that Rena is also a member of the CIA, and wants to use her against the Organization.

Akai pursues Kusuda Rikumichi, who has escaped.

Conan asks one of the nurses about Eisuke, and she tells him about another patient (the infiltrated Organization member) who asked about Rena Mizunashi. Akai seems happy to hear the news, and thinks it's a good opportunity to get a second lead. The FBI obtains profiles of the patients most likely to be members of the Organization, and Conan films them in their rooms. Both Akai and Conan correctly deduce that the Organization member hiding in the hospital is Rikumichi Kusuda. The FBI keep an eye on Kusuda, but he is spotted and threatens to detonate a bomb. Kusuda escapes by car, and is pursued by Akai and Conan. After realizing that Akai is after him, Kusuda commits suicide. Akai deduces that now that Kusuda's reports to the Organization will stop, the latter will know that Rena is in Haido's central hospital.

The Organization's counter-attack (Manga: 599-605; Anime: 498-503

The FBI holds a meeting and decides to move Kir now that the Organization knows she's in Haido Central Hospital. Akai suggests setting up a trap for the Organization, allowing them to get to Kir and then ambush them. Akai goes to the roof, alone, to think about the plan. Conan takes the opportunity to ask James Black about Akai's past. James reveals that Akai wants to avenge the death of his girlfriend, killed by the Organization. Akai infiltrated the Organization under the name of Dai Moroboshi, dating Akemi Miyano in order to get close to a high-ranking scientist, inform the FBI and perhaps learn the identity of the boss. Dai was given the code name "Rye" and was called in to work for Gin, but the FBI's plan to capture Gin fell through, so Akai's identity was discovered, and he was expelled from the Organization. James Black goes on to explain that the Organization wanted to get rid of Akemi too, but couldn't, because his sister was too important to them. The Organization came up with a plan to make Akemi pull off a billion-yen heist, giving them an excuse to kill her when she ran out. Contrary to the Organization's belief, Akemi succeeded, but was killed by Gin without consideration. Akai kept Akemi's last message, asking if he would date her if she left the Organization. Then there's a P.S., the contents of which have yet to be revealed.

Conan and Akai meet on the roof and exchange plans. Their first move is to secure Kir's cooperation. Akai and Conan trick the FBI officers guarding Kir's room into giving up their parents, thus providing Eisuke with the opportunity to "wake the sleeping princess". Because of Eisuke's provocation, about to kill her, Kir stops pretending to be in a coma. Conan and Akai enter the room and drag Eisuke out so they can try to convince Kir to return to the Organization. Akai and Conan answer Kir's questions about how they found out she was an FBI agent, then tell them a little about her history. Kir agrees to take part in their plan to trap the Organization, and promises to provide information to the FBI. Akai calls André Camel to help with their secret plan, because to carry it out, they need to fool the FBI too, who don't yet know that Kir is an FBI agent.

Shuichi Akai - Detective Conan Wiki

The FBI's plan is to drive off 3 vans, one of which contains Rena, and then deceive the Organization into believing that Kir has left, while Camel actually drives her back to the hospital. At the same time, the Organization launches its counter-attack: they cause 3 accidents designed to flood the hospital with patients, then send them gifts containing small bombs. Akai suspects that they may be trying to kill Kir by causing the hospital to collapse when the bombs explode. Akai and the FBI recover the bombs from the innocent patients, but are surprised when they see Rena Mizunashi on TV, speaking from her hospital room. Akai and Conan realize that the bombs, which the FBI agents kept on them after defusing them, have trackers, but they're not quick enough to stop the rest of the FBI agents from heading for Kir's room.

Akai tells the other FBI agents the real plan

With the location of Kir's room discovered, the FBI immediately launches the plan with the 3 vans. Akai, in his Chevrolet, follows one of the vans for some distance, but is eventually discovered by Vermouth, whose mission, given by Akai, was to keep an eye on him. Gin correctly deduces which van Kir is in and recaptures her, just as Conan and Akai had planned. The FBI are initially very disappointed, but Akai then explains his true plan. Gin, however, is suspicious, being surprised that Akai didn't interfere more strongly when the Organization recaptured Kir. He suspects he has another plan.

Akai's death (Manga: 605-609; Anime: 501-504)

Akai has a bad feeling

Gin is suspicious of the FBI's ineffective plan and Akai's lack of resistance. Gin thinks Akai is hiding something and this doubt is relayed to the boss, who plans a test of Kir's loyalty. Meanwhile, André Camel becomes a suspect in a murder case. Akai is in a sense amused by this situation, while Jodie decides to go and see Camel to get him out of it. As Jodie leaves, Akai holds her back for a few moments to tell her that he has a bad feeling about the day, and that she needs to be careful. Jodie remarks that it's Friday the 13th.

Gin threatens Kir into calling Akai.

The Organization takes advantage of the distraction caused by the André Camel murder case, and Gin meets with Kir and passes on the boss's ultimatum: Kir must kill Akai in order to regain the Organization's trust. Gin explains to Kir that she must call Akai under the pretext of wanting to flee the country, as the Organization has been putting pressure on her since she was caught by the FBI. Akai will fall into the trap if she promises him information, and they can meet, alone, so that Kir kills Akai while wearing a camera and microphone. Gin will be able to observe the scene from a distance. With Gin's revolver behind his back, Kir calls Akai.

Jodie finally joins Camel, and their discussion turns to Camel's mistake, which caused Akai's expulsion from the Organization two years earlier. Camel explains that Akai had just been promoted within the Organization, and that the FBI had planned to capture Gin during a meeting with Akai. The FBI hid in the warehouse, waiting for Gin, but instead, an old homemaker entered and sat down. Akai ignored him, but Camel came out of hiding to tell the old man to leave. The old man was actually a member of the Organization, and Gin never showed up. This event created a chain reaction, leading to the death of Akai's girlfriend, Akemi Miyano, almost 2 years later. Camel, feeling responsible, felt obliged to take on the role of driver in Akai and Conan's plan.

James passes the phone to Akai

Meanwhile, Akai, sitting in his truck, recalls some of his last moments with Akemi. When he had revealed to her that he was in fact an FBI agent, she had already seemed to know, leading Akai to ask why she hadn't walked away from him. Akemi simply replied, with tears in her eyes: "Can't you tell without asking?". Akai is brought back to reality by James Black, who signals that his phone is ringing. Kir, on the other side of the phone, repeats what Gin told him to say, and asks him to meet her alone. James thinks the meeting is a trap, and that Akai shouldn't go. Akai says, assured, that he trusts his sixth sense and Rena to be able to pull through. James starts to call Jodie, but Akai, confident, stops him and asks him to trust him. The meeting is scheduled for 7.00 p.m., at the 7th left-hand bend in the Raiha passage.

Akai confronts Kir

Akai arrives at the meeting point, where Kir is waiting on the other side of the road. She shoots him in the lung, while Gin and Vodka watch from the other side of the gorge through the camera Kir is wearing. Blood pours from his mouth, Akai turns, and sees the Porsche. Kir tells Gin that Akai will soon die from the lung wound, but Gin orders him to shoot him in the head. As Kir approaches, Akai seems to calmly accept what is happening to him. He remarks that he didn't think she'd go that far, and Kir nods. She shoots Akai in the head, and he collapses on the front seats of his truck. Just then, the police, on their way to the scene of an accident, begin to approach, and Gin orders Kir to place a bomb to detonate Akai's body and truck. Kir sets the bomb and drives off. It explodes as the police pass by. The explosion and ensuing fire destroys most of the body, except for the right hand, allowing us to recover fingerprints.

Jodie and Camel leave the scene and return to the hospital. James announces that Kir has arranged a meeting with Akai, alone, while the news starts talking about a truck that exploded with a body inside, and whose right hand remained intact. Jodie wonders if it's Akai, and takes Conan's phone, which Akai touched earlier with his right hand, to the police. The fingerprints match, Jodie breaks the news to James, then breaks down crying. James remarks that they can't blame Rena Mizunashi, who had warned them that her mission for the CIA remained the most important.He sadly comments that, with Akai, they had managed to make progress in their investigation, having an informant inside the Organization, but that his death was too great a price to pay.

Scarlet Showdown (Manga: 896)


A new identity? (proven to be correct in file 898)

Subaru opens an eye that looks like Akai's

After faking his death, Akai created a new identity with the help of Yukiko Kudo. It could be that it was Subaru Okiya who swore to protect Haibara from the Organization and the Bourbon threat, in keeping with Akai's promise to Akemi. Subaru also helps Conan with several cases, and seems to keep a close eye on his colleagues in the Organization.

In film 18, The Dimensional Sniper, soldier Hunter explains to his pupil that only the Silver Bullet sniper can shoot from the second-highest building in the district. This soldier is referring to Akai. During the confrontation, Subaru fires from this building to disarm the student. And at the end of the mission, he speaks with James Black, where his voice changes to normal.

This theory, that Akai faked his death and is now hiding under the identity of Subaru Okiya, also seems to be proven by the end of the Mystery Train arc (Anime: 701-704), where we see Subaru open an eye, which appears to be the same as Akai's.

Moreover, we can see in manga chapters 622 to 624 (anime 509 to 510) that Subaru Okiya is called "the Red Man" in the diary of Kaito Suigiura (Conan's classmate). In Japanese, red is "akai"...

Subaru Okiya

After Akai faked his death, he developed a disguised persona with the help of Yukiko Kudo . As Subaru Okiya , he sought to protect Haibara from the Black Organization and the new Bourbon threat in accordance with the promise he had made to Akemi. He also helped Conan with various cases and kept an eye on his FBI comrades.


Okiya is generally shown to be calm and reserved, and often seems unflappable in the face of normally stressful situations, such as when Ran attacked him while he was brushing his teeth, thinking he was a burglar, or when a murderer took Ayumi hostage. He often acts friendly and modest: he smiles, rubbing the back of his neck when someone compliments him or says something about him. He loves to cook and is ready to help with many tasks. He doesn't mind interacting with the Junior Detectives; he's always polite to them, and listens to their theories during business. He is often shown drinking Bourbon.

Okiya becomes more serious when working on a case, and loves to reveal the truth to others (a bit like Conan ). Sometimes he speaks mysteriously, leaving the meaning and intentions of his words to the interpretation of the recipient. Okiya has another, more threatening side, when he goes on the offensive, or when he concentrates intensely on something. In this state of mind, Okiya deceives Haibara's sense to spot members of the Organization.

detective conan

Skills and attributes

Organization aura


Okiya emits what Haibara describes as the aura of the Organization of Men in Black, when he is intensely focused on a person, or when acting against an aggressor. Haibara only gets this feeling from him temporarily.

Hand-to-hand combat

Okiya shows he's equally adept at hand-to-hand combat when he knocks the knife out of a culprit holding Ayumi hostage, while freeing her from the culprit in the same movement. He also easily knocked out a kidnapper.

Okiya also possesses great physical stamina. On their first encounter, Ran mistook Okiya for a burglar and hit him directly in the jaw, but unlike his other "victims", Subaru wasn't knocked out instantly.


Okiya managed to hack into Kogoro's computer to see what business had been posted on his site. Later, he hacked into Haibara's phone and was able to see the message Vermouth had sent her.


Okiya is a good cook, although he describes his own culinary skills modestly. He often uses cooking as an excuse to go to Agasa's house, or to get involved in affairs with Haibara , Conan and the Junior Detectives. Mutton, soup and boeuf bourguignon seem to be his specialties.

Red, white and yellow arson (Manga: 622-624 , Anime: 509 - 510 )

After school, Conan receives a phone call from Jodie who tells him that the Black organization has activated a new member named Bourbon . Meanwhile, the Detective Boys receive a request from classmate Kaito Suigiura to investigate the actions of a strange man in his father's apartment building, which is close to Shinichi and Agasa's home . The next day, the Detective Boys find that the apartment has been set on fire. Subaru Okiya appeared for the first time as one of the suspects in this arson case. When Inspector Yuminaga introduces the detectives to the suspects, Okiya gives Ai Haibarales the thrill she only gets from those who have been in the Black Organization, even though she doesn't know who is responsible at the time, and the feeling of pressure unexpectedly disappears.

The revelation that Kaito Suigiura's diary describes a suspicious "yellow" tenant who had quarreled with the landlord the night the apartment was set on fire leads the police to question the three suspects about their alibis at the time of the arson, as well as their preferred color . Subaru Okiya's alibi was that he was driving alone that night on the verdant Teimuzu River to clear his head after submitting a paper to his teacher. Although he loves the greenery of plants, Okiya said his favorite is black, "because it covers things inside me that I don't want to know about", although he hates color for the same reason.

Conan and Subaru Okiya seem to agree when Okiya acknowledges that Conan quotes a line from Sir AC Doyle's "The Adventure of the Copper Beech Trees". After Conan solves the case, Okiya asks to meet Professor Agasa. After introducing himself, Okiya asks Professor Agasa if he could stay at his house until he finds somewhere else to live, offering to help Agasa with his research in his spare time. Agasa agrees, as long as Haibara does too, but Haibara firmly refuses. Conan chimes in by offering Shinichi's house, saying that Shinichi has suddenly disappeared and Conan will later tell Shinichi that Okiya has moved in. Conan overcomes Haibara's concerns that the Org might find out from Okiya that Shinichi is still alive by simply saying, "A Holmes fan can't be a bad person! "

Paper plane case (Manga: 638-640 , Anime: 510 - 511 )

Ran and Sonoko visit Shinichi's house to clean without knowing that Okiya lives there, and they confront him thinking he's a thief. Okiya can't explain fast enough and ends up on the receiving end of Ran's karate kick. Conan calls Ran to explain that Okiya lived in the house after the fire and warns her not to talk about Shinichi in front of him. After the two girls apologize, Okiya correctly deduces that they had gone to "Welcome Burger" earlier. Okiya makes a strong impression on Sonoko, while Ran thinks "he looks like someone" and that she'd met him before.

Case of sports car fire (Manga: 635-637 , Anime: 524-525 )

Conan and Agasa quickly see Okiya as a resource, seen in the Rolls Royce explosion case where Agasa suggests calling Okiya to bring gas when his scarab runs out in a remote location, and later in the same case where Conan secretly asks for his help. set up a trap to get the culprit to confess. Okiya secretly monitors Conan's plan to get the culprit to confess in action.

Sonoko then concocts a battle of deduction between Okiya and Shinichi to see who can solve the mystery of the paper plane first. Shinichi and Subaru turn out to be equally talented, even if they don't know they're competing against each other. During the detectives' confrontation, Okiya overhears Sonoko talking about Shinichi's deductions and demands that Shinichi should also be the owner of the house. Ran, thinking of Conan's warning not to tell Okiya about Shinichi, interrupts Sonoko to tell her that they're consulting a "Kinichi" and that the owner Shinichi has no special deductive abilities. Okiya easily sees through the lie and reveals that he has looked around the house but found no personal identifiers. Sonoko and Ran set off to find another paper plane and Okiya is left to ponder the owner.

The deduction battle continues with Okiya and Conan matching each other's deductions perfectly. Once the case is solved, Okiya suggests that he'll leave by calling the police on Ran and Sonoko because they have police knowledge, revealing that he knows something about the girls' backgrounds and relationships. When the couple leave, Okiya celebrates the successful resolution of the case with a Sherlock Holmes story and a glass of bourbon.

Ikkaku rock (Manga: 664-666 , Anime: 542-543 )

Okiya's next appearance is when he comes at Professor Agasa's request to retrieve the Detective Boys who had gone fishing. Haibara is suspicious of him again, but Conan dismisses her feelings. Okiya stops Haibara from slipping and offers to cook the Detective Boys' fish. When the Detective Boys stop at an island called Ikkaku Rock, Okiya Subaru takes a group photo. The gang stumbles upon a dead woman who appears to have gotten lost and died by accident, but Okiya and Conan soon recognize that she was deliberately left to die. When Inspector Jugo Yokomizoa tries to stop the Detective Boys from questioning the suspects, Okiya intervenes, pointing out that sometimes a child's point of view can be the clue that opens up the truth and: "Weren't there a number of cases that were solved as a result of a clue from these children? " revealing that he knows of Detective Boys' many previous successes. Indeed, with such a hint from Mitsuhiko and Haibara, Conan and Okiya simultaneously realize who the culprit is. After taking turns explaining the case, the culprit pulled out a knife and grabbed Ayumi Yoshidaen hostage. Conan had no gadgets to help him. At that moment, Haibara felt a threatening aura from Okiya, and he slowly approached the criminal, saying he couldn't escape and even if he did, could he bear the pressure and loneliness of hiding in fear that someone would discover his identity? The provoked criminal removed the knife from Ayumi's neck and rushed at Okiya. In an effortless move, Okiya overturned the criminal's knife and took Ayumi from his grasp. Despite his rescue, the malevolent pressure Okiya emitted and his words left a strong impression on Haibara, who is certain that he is one of the members of the Black Organization. Note: in the anime version, an additional scene was added, in which Okiya is seen reading books in the moonlight while drinking a glass of bourbon and smiling.

A dangerous couple (Manga: 680 , Anime: 557 )

Later, Haibara, who had gone on a trip with Professor Agasa because she didn't want to be alone while Okiya was there, demanded that Conan find an excuse to expel Okiya from Shinichi's house. She explained to Conan that she thought Conan was guarding him and using him as bait to spy on her. Conan replies that he thinks Okiya is a good man and as for using Haibara as bait, "I-Idiot, you think I'd do that!?"

Haunted Warehouse (Manga: 691 , Anime: 572 )

Conan calls Agasa and discovers that he invited Subaru Okiya to cook because Haibara was away. Agasa says Okiya is a pretty good cook.

Thirteen red case shirts (Manga: 700-704 , Anime: 578 - 581 )

Jodie Starling visits the Beika department store, the origin of Scar Akai's cap, to look for clues about him. Okiya follows her there. Subaru Okiya, with Scar Akai and Conan, is then trapped on one of the department store's floors by a bomber demanding to find the sender of thirteen red shirts. Meanwhile, the Black Organization has heard that someone resembling Akai has appeared at the department store. Gin and Vodka park in front of the department store with snipers Chianti and Korn to wait for Scar Akai.

Back on the bombed-out ground, Subaru Okiya takes an interest in the Red Shirt case. He solves the flag semaphore message and deduces that it has to do with an incident in the mountains. Okiya then sees Scar Akai in the crowd and moves away before Scar Akai can spot him, smiling mysteriously. Okiya heads for the windows and spots Gin's Porsche and Chianti, who have checked into a hotel across the street.

Conan tranquilizes Kogoro Mouri to begin his deduction show just as Kogoro receives an anonymous text message containing an almost complete solution to the Scar Akai case. Once the case is over, Andre Camel reveals to Jodie that the Black Organization is waiting outside with a sniper. Jodie rushes after Scar Akai to prevent him from being killed, but is prevented from reaching him by Okiya, who knocks her down.

To prevent Scar Akai from being shot, Conan stirs up the crowd by lying that the store is giving away 10,000 yen gift cards. Okiya confronts Conan, who is surprised to see him, and introduces himself to Kogoro Mouri. He reveals that he was trapped on the bombed-out ground and tells Conan that he was in the area because he visited Teito Bank and followed Conan when he saw Conan enter the Beika Dept. store.

Communication code (Manga: 755 , Anime: 623 )

Okiya comes to rescue Conan and the Detective Boys who had been trapped by kidnappers in a building. Okiya thought he'd run into trouble when he noticed that no lights were on at Agasa's after dark, and when he went to inspect, the front door was unlocked, nobody was home and two suspicious phone calls came in. Okiya uses a spare pair of Conan's spotting scopes to find the Detective Boys, proving that he knows the function of Conan's spotting scopes and that they lock onto detective badges. Conan has never used the tracking glasses in front of Okiya before. Okiya knocks out one of the kidnappers, but tells the Detective Boys that the thief fell down the stairs. When Haibara wonders why he paid so much attention to Agasa's house, Okiya tells her he wanted to give them some extra curry he'd made for lunch.

Ayumi kidnapping case (Manga: 775-776 , Anime: 656-657 )

Masumi Sera stops Genta and Mitsuhiko outside Agasa's house to ask if they are acquaintances of Professor Agasa. The subject of Shinichi comes up again when she talks to the two boy detectives about the previous hostage case. Sera asks who is now living in the Kudo house because she has seen the curtains move slightly. The detectives tell her that Subaru Okiya has been staying there since his apartment burned down.

Sera comments cryptically with a smirk on her face, "And here I thought someone had just moved in without permission ... But it seems I was getting worked up over nothing ..." while looking at where Okiya Subaru is hiding and secretly observing the conversation.

Later, after Genta ruins Agasa's curry, Okiya secretly follows the boy detectives on a race to buy new ingredients. He follows the detective boys quite closely; Haibara, wearing a hat, seems determined not to acknowledge his presence. He stops and looks over his shoulder at a car parked on a side street. The car stops out of sight and Okiya turns away and continues, but soon enough the car backs into its original position. Okiya is later seen in the grocery store, and he watches with concern as Conan and Haibara exit the store after hearing that Sera had seen Haibara's reflection in Agasa's glasses in an online video. Okiya follows the detective boys and eavesdrops on Conan's conversation at Agasa's house via an earpiece while looking at the teacher's house of one of the Kudo ' family members.

Murder at Mouri Detective Agency (Manga: 798-800 , Anime: 672-674 )

Okiya appears at Haibara and Agasa's house and accompanies them in his car to rescue Conan, who had been kidnapped. During the chase, Okiya uses the expression "Don't make that kind of face", to reassure Haibara that he will certainly catch up with Conan. When he stops behind the suspect's car, he leans over the driver's side and puts his hand in his jacket, likely to pull out a handgun to shoot out the suspect's tires. Okiya abandons this plan when Tooru Amuro stops beside him and they look at each other. Amuro and Sera succeed in arresting the kidnapper and Okiya flees without lingering at the scene.

Don't make that kind of face (Manga: 802 , Anime: 675 )

In chapter 802, Haibara hears the same "Don't make that kind of face" line from Conan, leading her to remember both the statement Okiya made in chapter 800 and Akai making the same statement under the persona of Dai Moroboshi about protecting his sister. After that, Haibara starts referring to Okiya by using his first name "Subaru".

Ski trip delay (Manga: 809-811 , Anime: 684-685 )

Haibara and Conan are late for a ski trip with Professor Agasa and the detective boys because Haibara forgot something at Agasa's house. Unable to push sleepy drunk Kogoro to find a rental car, Haibara suggests calling Okiya for a ride. Conan is surprised by Haibara's change of heart regarding Okiya. On the way to the ski resort, Okiya suggests that he might like to join us, as he's feeling out of shape. Haibara questions Okiya directly about why he needs to stay in shape. Okiya comments, "Well, in a way ... I dove want to look good for the ladies. "A murder case occurs, interrupting the trip. After Conan runs off to interrogate the suspects with Takagi, Subaru examines the body and gives his thoughts. Haibara suggests that he's pretty well informed about the murders. Okiya gently corrects her, saying that his interest comes from his love of Holmes and that he enjoys solving puzzles.

While the suspects are being questioned by the police, Haibara waits outside with Okiya in front of police headquarters. She mentions that it's "the first time" she's been alone with him. Okiya suggests they should move to the parking lot and wait inside the car. However, Haibara doesn't seem to like the idea, and sarcastically replies that he can force her to come with him if that's what he wants. Okiya doesn't, because of an unknown promise he made with "her" .Shuichi Akai | ConanWiki.org | Detektiv Conan Wiki

The sky has turned dark. Okiya is taking a nap in his car. Haibara decides to take advantage of this moment and secretly tries to remove her scarf. However, Okiya wakes up and prevents her from doing so. He explains: "Beyond, this is my region ... and not your space ... The adults are cold ... They're not outside creatures, after all ..."

Cold Case by Yusaku Kudo (Manga: 812-814 , Anime: 690 - 691 )

Ran, Sonoko and Sera go to Shinichi's house to find photos of a ten-year-old crime scene similar to a case they've just stumbled upon earlier. Sera enters the bathroom in search of Conan and encounters Subaru brushing his teeth with his neck uncovered. Sera is suspicious of him. She also wonders if he's invited a woman when she finds a woman's tie. As the three girls try to solve the case, Sera mentions Shinichi Kudo, who reveals to Subaru that the owner of the house was the high school detective. He tells them that there's a rumor that Shinichi was killed during a case. As Sonoko and Ran discuss the rumors, the word Ninja appears, which evokes a thought in Subaru. They decide to call Shinichi, and Conan is forced to go to the bathroom and take the call. Subaru notices and realizes that he's going to play the role of Shinichi Kudo. Rather than disturb him, Subaru sends a message to Shinichi via Ran, telling him the name "Kumogakure Saizou", a clue to solving the case. After revealing the truth, Conan flees the bathroom, but doesn't realize that Subaru was watching him. Sera points out that Conan has left his bow tie on his cell phone. Then Subaru teases him by pretending to address Conan as Shinichi Kudo before suddenly changing the subject. Sera points out that Conan has left his bow tie on his cell phone. Then Subaru teases him by pretending to address Conan as Shinichi Kudo before suddenly changing the subject. Sera points out that Conan has left his bow tie on his cell phone. Then Subaru teases him by pretending to address Conan as Shinichi Kudo before suddenly changing the subject.

Cabin Trap (Manga: 817 , Anime: 699 - 700 )

When Amuro sneaks into the Mouri detective agency to illicitly view the material Kogoro's clients have sent him, which includes a video of Shiho Miyano sent by Mitsuhiko , Amuro notices that someone is hacking into Kogoro's computer. After Amuro realizes this, there's a cut to Shinichi Kudo's house showing Okiya sitting near three monitors with a glass of bourbon and an ashtray full of cigarettes.

Bell Tree Express Mystery (Manga: 820-824 , Anime: 701-704 )

It is revealed that Vermouth and Bourbon are on the train, and that they have located Sherry and informed Gin and Vodka. Subaru is seen in a room with a woman who looks like Vermouth, but the upper part of her face is hidden by her hat. Haibara receives a text message from Vermouth asking: "Are you ready? Haibara locks herself in her bathroom and prepares to take the drug, presumably to transform into Sherry to protect her alternate identity. However, before she can consume the drug, Subaru enters and declares, "As expected of sisters, I can read your every move." He holds up a cell phone as he speaks: "Now, can I get you in this way ... into our area?" However Haibara quickly moves past him, trying to escape. Later, Subaru is shown laying an unconscious Sera on the train's sofa, smiling as she unconsciously mumbles the words "Shuu-nii". At the end of chapter 824, Subaru is seen putting on his glasses while watching Vermouth and Bourbon. His eyes are open and his eyes are identical to those of Shuichi Akai.

Delivery service (Manga: 843 , Anime: 722-723 )

The Detective Boys are trapped in a refrigerated delivery truck with a cat, a corpse and two murderous workers. Unable to call for help and out of other options, Conan decides to try sending a message to Amuro using the cat and a doctored receipt. The receipt exploded before he could see the message, delaying Amuro's search for him. A little later, when it looks like the Black Organization agent won't be coming to save them, Conan checks the electronics packages they might be trying to use and unexpectedly finds a cake intended for Professor Agasa. He changes address and directs the package to Kudo's house, knowing that Okiya will deduce the situation and help him. Okiya then hands the unwitting murderers a package containing a telephone to be delivered. Amuro finally locates the truck and comes to the rescue, so Okiya ' s phone is only used to call the police. Okiya watches the rescue unfold from the window of the Kudo house.

Film 18 The Dimensional Sniper (set just after Sato and Takagi Manga: 869-871)

Shuichi appeared in this film as Subaru Okiya . At first, we see him watching the Detective Boys test Professor Agasa's invention. Later, after Masumi Sera is shot, he is seen leaving the hospital where she is being treated. After that, we see him get involved in the snipers' investigation. It was he who shot the suspect in the last part. We can also see him turning off his voice changer and telling James "Roger" (了解 ryōkai? ) as a signal that it's already over.

Canon development suite

Scarlet Showdown (Manga: 894-898 , Anime: 781-783 )

Bourbon, claimed to have deduced the trick Shuichi Akai used to fake his death. Subaru is at the Kudo house watching the Oscars wearing a face mask when he gets a delivery service. The delivery man turns out to be Bourbon, who introduces himself and says it's not the first time he's met Subaru. Amuro informs Subaru that the lives of his friends Jodie and Camels are at stake and that he must be truthful to save them; he asks him to take off the mask and tell the truth, calling him "FBI agent Shuichi Akai". Subaru takes off his mask, but this is normal. However, Amuro says that wasn't what he meant and demands that Subaru take off his disguise to show his true identity as Shuichi. He searches Subaru's neck for a voice changer but finds none. Subaru declares that he has no idea who Shuichi is that Amuro is talking about.

While Bourbon confronts Subaru Subaru in Shinichi's house, Shuichi emerges from his hiding place in the back seat of Jodie and Camel's car and continues to foil Bourbon's colleagues' attempt to capture them by shooting out their tires. Amuro then receives a call from his allies at Raiha Pass that Shuichi Akai has been spotted in the back seat of the FBI car. Shuichi then gives the gun he was using, which is the Glock 17 pistol that Rikumichi Kusuda used to kill himself, to Bourbon's colleagues in exchange for talking to Bourbon on the phone. Shuichi reveals that Bourbon's real name is Rei Furuya and deduces that he had planned to use Shuichi's capture to gain a higher position in the Organization. For this reason, Shuichi warns him not to lose sight of their true prey and that he didn't want Bourbon as an enemy. Shuichi then expresses his regrets to Bourbon about an incident involving a specific person. After discovering that Shuichi is alive and clearly not Subaru, Amuro apologizes and leaves.

It's revealed that it was Yusaku who was disguising himself as Subaru, but the real Subaru was actually Shuichi in disguise the whole time. Conan says at the end of the case that Shuichi will return because he needs to protect someone.

Shuichi then invites Jodie and Camel to the Kudo house for further explanation of his fake death and informs them about Rum , another member of the Black Organization who seems to be very close to the Boss.

Shogi Tournament (Manga: 902 , Anime: 786 )

Shuichi smiles as Shukichi Haneda is announced victorious.

Girls Band murder case (Manga: 936 - 938 , Anime: 836-837 )

Shuichi's sister, Masumi Sera , remembers seeing him on a train platform 4 years ago with a friend. They were both carrying guitar cases. She followed them until Shuichi noticed her. He then went off to buy her a ticket and send her home. Meanwhile, the friend took out his guitar and taught Masumi a few notes. She notes that even though he was wearing a soft case, he remained standing after the guitar was removed. Conan thought there might have been a sniper rifle inside. A third person had approached them with a hat over his face and referred to the friend as "Scotch". When Masumi says that Rei Furuya looks like the person wearing the hat, he dodges the question.

From Kohji Haneda Dead Case (Manga: 948 - 950 , Anime: 861-862 )

As Conan, Haibara and Agasa investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder of Kohji Haneda, Subaru shows up with food and asks to come with Conan and Agasa to a crime scene of another murder similar to Haneda's death. He may have been listening in on the conversation via listening devices. When he, Agasa and Conan leave, he calls Camel, who is at the Kudo house, and asks him to protect Haibara. As he and Conan talk, Subaru reveals that his father was involved in the murder for seventeen years, which is why Akai joined the FBI. But he'll say no more until Conan reveals his true identity.

The Bourbon Mission (Manga: 954-957 ; Anime: 866-867 )

In the past, while Akai was undercover, Scotch was unmasked. Rei then surprises Rye after shooting him. Only later is it revealed that Shûichi had actually tried to save the PSB agent, but to no avail, as the latter committed suicide when he heard footsteps coming from outside.

In the present, Subaru Okiya is helping to solve a murder case. Conan tries to dissuade him from staying, because of the presence of Vermouth and Bourbon, but the discovery of a hanged man forces him to stay. In the course of the investigations, Amuro discovers that Subaru is left-handed, not right-handed, and points out that the man he wishes to kill is also skilled with this hand. By the end of the case, he seems to have discovered his true identity.

Non Canon Film 20 The Worst Nightmare (takes place just after the Bourbon Manga Mission case: 954-957)

In this film, he appears as an FBI agent. At the start of the film, he takes the sniper rifle and attacks Curaçao's car, slashing one of the tires to bring the car down, and drives off afterwards. He saves Bourbon and Kir from Gin. We see a fight between him and Rei Furuya until Conan arrives. They cooperate and shoot down the black metal raven (helicopter) of the black organization.Development continued Canon



Kaitou Kid and the Luna Memoria (Manga: 963-965 ; Anime: 887-888)

Subaru drops off a dish at Professor Agasa's house, and says he's not interested in the case. He is photographed by Kaitou Kid and finally enters the scene of the affair. He helps Ai Haibara find the works. He succeeds in recovering the photo of the thief in the toilet, together with Conan, because the voice-modulator necklace is visible on it.

A chance encounter at the beach (Manga: 972-974 , Anime: 881-882 )

After Conan's memory is triggered, it turns out that Conan and Ran had already met the Akai family ten years earlier.

Haibara's lost phone strap case (Manga: 997-999 , Anime: 925-926 )

When Haibara lost her phone strap on the way home, Conan and the Detective Boys suggested Subaru's help. However, Subaru instead suggested help from Amuro, who was in the neighborhood, and whom Subaru seems aware is watching him.

Missing Maria Higashio case (Manga: 1006 , Anime: 941 )

Black Bunny Club murder case (Manga: 1009-1012 , Anime: 952-954 )

9 hours after the current case, Akai confronts Amuro, who was infiltrating the Kudo house to find information about Shinichi. The two are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Yusaku and Yukiko.

Serial murder of policewomen (Manga: 1016 , Anime: 973 )

After the murder of two policewomen, Shukichi sends an e-mail to Akai; asking him to protect Yumi . As a Subaru, he protected Yumi from the dunkards on the streets. After Yumi leaves, he checks Shukichi's message and thinks that Yumi isn't a woman who really needs protection after all.

Antique Facet Case (Manga: 1035 - 1038 , Anime: TBA)

Akai realizes that his sister, Sera, is showing suspicious movements around Agasa's house. He introduces himself as Subaru and follows Conan, Agasa, Ai and Sera to the home of an appraiser whom Agasa has asked to inspect an antique plate he found on the property of his deceased aunt and uncle, and to keep an eye on Sera. He realizes that Sera was trying to pressure Haibara into revealing her true identity and giving her the medicine that restores the "flow of time". He ended up interrupting Sera's investigation, which irritated Sera and attempted to kick her. He dodged the kick and told Sera that the fault division is "50:50"; saying he might be at fault for irritating her, but she's also at fault for trying to kick him, which surprised her. He also asks her about their mother in this circumstance. After the affair, he realizes that Sera is hiding something about their mother Mary. He suspects that his mother has been shrunk by APTX 4869 , but remains hard to believe until he sees her for himself.

Shogi player serial murder case (Manga: 1045-1046 , Anime: TBA)

Akai receives a call from Conan, knowing that his brother, Shukichi is being kidnapped by the culprit, so Shuichi accompanies Conan without disguise to rescue him. In the end, Akai and Conan succeed in rescuing Shukichi from the culprit's captivity. Later, Shuichi learns from his younger brother that he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his mother, but is unable to contact her. Shuichi asked him if he had told their mother that he was still alive, which Shukichi had not yet told him. Shuichi reassures him that he will meet her eventually, once the fog covering the truth about the Black Organization has been cleared.

Case of the Yusaku Kudo TV show (Manga: 1060 , Anime: TBA)

Akai appears with Jodie and Camel after the case as they plan with Yusaku and Yukiko to pretend to have the symptoms of food poisoning to fool the Black Organization. Yusaku and Shuichi mention that the only thing left is to prepare for the Black Organization's big move.

FBI serial murder case (Manga: 1061-1066 , Anime: TBD)

Akai appears with FBI agents at the Kudo residence as the Black Organization hacks their communication code. When they decide to plant a fake code to attract the Black Organization, Akai gives Camel a hunter's hat and reminds him that his identity cannot be exposed in front of the Black Organization as he is the driver of Rena Mizunashi replanted to the Black Organization since Shock of Red and Black. He must be considered deceased during this operation. However, Rum was able to detect him and counter the trap and attacked the FBI members instead, causing Camel to fall into the sea at Umibotaru. The Black Organization decides to find Camel, as Korn remembers that he has seen Camel before. He hides in Umizarujima and waits for Akai to disguise himself as Subaru and Conan to rescue him, with Yusaku's permission. But the Black Organization manages to find his trail in Umizarujima and head for the island. They with the Umizarujima was burned on fire. They decide to fake Camel's death in front of the organization using the blood packets inside the hunter's hat. Camel successfully returns to Kudo Residence and his hair is shaved off by Yukiko, leaving him with shorter hair to prevent his identity from being exposed.

Affair of the secret visit (Manga: 1067)

Conan Edogawa remembers the discussion with the FBI. That Rum changed his face by disguising himself and taking a false name. And that the FBI sent 10 secret agents back to the U.S. because of the death of 7 secret agents.

Affair of the Wind Goddess (Manga: 1073)

When Conan and Professor Agasa are asked in the restaurant booked by Sonoko Suzuki where the detective boys are. Professor Agasa and Conan reply that they'd rather eat a home-cooked meal because Ai Haibara isn't feeling well. And so they stay for lunch in the house, waiting for the dish to be prepared by Schuichi Akai disguised as Subaru Okiya.

Beach excursion case (Manga 1097-1099)

Conan and the junior detectives decide to take a trip to the beach. Professor Agasa would normally accompany them to the beach, but as he has a fever, Rumi Wakasa decides to take them to the beach instead. Conan doesn't trust her, so he calls Schuichi Akai to ask him to accompany them to the beach in his Subaru Okiya disguise, as Rumi Wakasa could be a threat to Ai Haibara. So Akai goes to the beach with them.

Chess tournament murder case (Manga: files 1109)
After the chess tournament murder and the confrontation with the men in black are over, Conan Edogawa calls Shuichi Akai to tell him what happened. Conan then tells him what happened, including the events of 17 years ago that Hyoue Kuroda recounted, and how Rumi Wakasa was on the beach with Conan and Shuichi Akai, leading us to her real identity as the bodyguard of the 17-year-old Amanda Hugues, the famous Asaca. Shuichi Akai tells her that she didn't want to go swimming because she didn't want anyone to see the scars on her body from the time she escaped death. Conan Edogawa asks why Tsutomu Akai was involved in the events of 17 years ago. He responds by saying that my father and Kohji Haneda's father were good friends. Kohji Haneda's father called his father, who was an MI6 agent, to ask him to investigate his son's death, since the Japanese and American police are unreliable. Shuchi Akai starts thinking about this moment and Tsutomu Akai says he understands and is going to America to investigate the death of your with Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Akai and Mary Akai playing cards in the background. Tsutomu Akai hangs up and Mary Akai asks him when he plans to go to America. Tsutomu Akai replies that he's leaving tonight. He had already planned to go to Amanda Hughes' funeral. Mary Akai asks him if he wants her to go with him, and he says there's no need. And he says he'll be back in time to attend the birth of the last member of the family. Shuichi Akai returns to the present, thinking that these were Tsutomu Akai's last words. He tells Conan Edogawa that he is concerned that all of Amanda Hughes' bodyguards were put aside 17 years ago. Conan says that only the bodyguards were targeted, without paying attention to all the other guests in the hotel. Conan says: Counting Amanda Hughes' coded message, if this is the work of the man with the sharp eye, we'll have to be very careful.

Relationship analysis

Family and friends

Akemi Miyano

Shuichi Akai and Akemi Miyano were together while he was infiltrating the Organization. Akai's original mission was to date Akemi Miyano in order to meet her sister, Shiho Miyano , a more senior member of the Organization. Akai used Shiho's influence to move up the Organization's hierarchy, gaining the trust of the highest-ranking agents and eventually capturing and interrogating one of them. James Black explained that, although their relationship began as a stepping stone to the Organization, Akai actually fell in love with Akemi. Because of this, he had to break up with Jodie Starling.

Soon afterwards, Akemi became suspicious of Akai, thinking he wasn't really who he said he was. After his expulsion from the Organization, he confirmed that he was an FBI agent. To Akai's surprise, Akemi didn't seem surprised, so Akai asked her why she'd never said anything about his suspicions that she was being used by him. To which Akemi replied that it was because she loved him. Initially, the Organization could do nothing about Akemi, because they needed the loyalty of her sister, Shiho Miyano, but 2 years later, they decided that the risk of her coming into contact with Akai was too great. To get rid of her easily, they made a kind of contract with her: if she succeeded in robbing a bank, which she was supposed to fail at, she and her sister would be free to leave the Organization. But the Organization had no intention of leaving her alive, and created this situation so that they could kill her on the pretext that she had failed. Shortly before the day of the robbery, Akemi sent Akai a message, asking if he would be her real boyfriend when she was finally released from the Organization. After the successful robbery, Akemi was killed by Gin, and it's not known what (or if) Akai replied to her message. Akai carefully stores this message in his telephone. It also contains a PS, the contents of which have yet to be revealed.

How Akemi and Akai met in the manga is not known, but in the anime, Shuichi Akai met Akemi by an "intentional accident". She accidentally hit him with her car when Akai deliberately crossed the street in front of her so that her car ran him over. A concerned Akemi called for help, and stayed by his bedside until he recovered. When he woke up, he wasn't angry and asked her his name, while for his part, he gave her his false name: Dai Moroboshi. However, this element isn't canon, and isn't part of the manga.

Jodie Starling
Jodie and Akai

While Jodie and Akai's relationship appeared to be that of mere colleagues, it was later revealed that Jodie and Akai dated 5 before the current events. However, after Akai infiltrated the Organization under the alias of Dai Moroboshi, he began dating Akemi Miyano with the aim of using her to gather information about the Organization. However, Akai eventually fell in love with Akemi, leading him to break up with Jodie . Despite the break-up, Jodie still has strong feelings for Akai, which have not diminished with his supposed death.

James Black
James Black is the boss of the FBI agents in Japan, and therefore also of Akai.

André Camel
André Camel worked with Akai when he was undercover in the Organization, and again since the confrontation of Red and Black.

Ai Haibara
When Haibara first met Akai, she thought he was a member of the Organization. Akai seems to know Haibara's identity. Haibara knows him as Dai Moroboshi, her sister's boyfriend, who betrayed the Organization. Haibara should know that Dai was a spy and FBI agent, having heard the exchange between Bourbon and Kaito Kid (during the mystery train) over the microphone, but she doesn't know that his real name is Shuichi Akai.

Conan Edogawa

Conan and Akai seem to be capable of the same reasoning. In the short time they've worked together, Conan has earned Akai's respect for his deduction and intelligence.

The Men in Black Organization

Gin and Akai are rivals and hate each other. It's implied that they didn't get along even before Akai's cover as an FBI agent was exposed. Akai refers to Gin as "Koibito", which ironically means "lover" but is also spelt to mean "old enemy". Gin killed Akai's girlfriend, Akemi, so Akai sees Gin as his sworn enemy.

Shuichi Akai and Bourbon, aka Touru Amuro, are enemies. Bourbon is said to hate Akai more than Gin hates him. Bourbon believes he is the only one capable of killing Akai, and refused to believe that Akai was dead. Akai's feelings towards Bourbon are unknown, but while they are surely mutual, they are not as extreme on Akai's side. The reason for their rivalry is, according to File 897, a dispute over a member of the Organization who died, apparently through Akai's fault, when Amuro was already in the Organization.

Origin of the name

Akai's name comes from Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable, whose nickname is "Red Comet" (Akai in Japanese), and Char's voice is that of actor Shuichi Ikeda (who is also Akai's). What's more, his alias, Dai Moroboshi, comes from Char's real name, Casval Rem Deikun (which sounds like Dai-kun in Japanese). Moroboshi also means filler star, another possible allusion to Red Comet.



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