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Tooru Amuro

Tooru Amuro

Amuro Tooru (Bourbon) | Wiki | Detective Conan (名探偵コナン) Amino

Tōru Amuro, real name Rei Furuya, is a member of the Men in Black Organization, codenamed Bārbon, as well as a member of the Japanese Secret Police, in the Detective Conan manga and anime. He hates Shuichi Akai, who is responsible for the death of his friend Scotch. When in civilian clothes, Amuro works as a private detective. He investigates in parallel as Bārbon (for the Organization), and Rei Furuya (for the Secret Police). He is Kogoro's apprentice.

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Amuro's past within the Organization is unknown, but he seems to have been linked to them for some time. He knew Shiho Miyano's parents, who died when Shiho was young, implying that he's been involved since he was a teenager. He hates Shuichi Akai, who is linked to the death of Scotch, Amuro's colleague in the Japanese police, who has also infiltrated the Organization. He also suspected Dai Moroboshi of being a spy for the FBI, which turned out to be the case.

Shortly after Shuichi Akai's death, Kir calls Jodie Starling to inform her that a new member of the Organization, called Bourbon, has been sent. Kir says that Bourbon's target is the escaped scientist, Shiho Miyano, and that Bourbon is excellent at gathering information. Later, Tooru Amuro appears as a detective who keeps a part-time job on the side to help his investigations, like his part-time job as a waiter at Ristorante Sundayrino. Shortly after his first appearance, Amuro begins working part-time at Café Poirot. He is currently Kogoro's apprentice.


Amuro is quite cheerful. He's also generous, bringing sandwiches to the Mouri agency at his own expense. In serious situations, he seems to be patient, keeping his cool. Like the other detectives in Detective Conan, he loves to present his deductions to others during cases. He's also very manipulative, tricking others for information. Kogoro calls him "effeminate".


detective conan

Gin says that Bourbon tends to operate in secret, like Vermouth, so no one can ever guess what he's up to. Vodka says that Bourbon hates Shuichi Akai even more than Gin does. Bourbon believes he is the only person capable of killing Akai. Gin and Bourbon don't seem to get on well either, not communicating with each other. Amuro is also shown to be interested in Conan, for reasons unknown, since there is no evidence that he knows Conan's identity. However, it is possible that Amuro is beginning to discover the secret behind "Sleeping Kogoro".


His skin is dark, a little lighter, but quite similar to Heiji's, and in the anime, his hair is dyed blond. He wears glasses at first, but doesn't seem to need them, using them instead to conceal his identity. Unlike other members of the Organization, he normally dresses in civilian clothes, although he sometimes wears black. Seen several times wearing Victorian (British) style clothing.

Deduction and Intelligence

Amuro is a good detective, good at gathering information (that's the first thing Kir will say about Bourbon). However, since Amuro is undercover, as Kogoro's apprentice, he hasn't really been able to show his deductive skills, even though this is his specialty within the Organization. His friend, Wataru Date, said Amuro was the smartest student at the Police Academy. Vermouth also describes him as the most perceptive member of the Organization.


Amuro is a good driver, able to place his car precisely in front of another during a chase, with the aim of stopping it with a controlled collision.

First recourse

When Conan faints after taking a tennis racket to the head, Amuro takes care of him, giving him first aid before the doctor arrives.


Amuro is an excellent tennis player. He claims to have been a tennis champion when he was in high school, but stopped after injuring his shoulder. He did, however, offer to teach Sonoko tennis.


Amuro seems to know how to pick locks pretty quickly. He claims to have learned from a friend who works for a security company. Japanese law prohibits the possession of lock-picking tools, with a penalty of up to 1 year's imprisonment or a fine of 500,000 yen.

Martial Arts

Amuro is good at English boxing (punching an attacker who, in a single blow, ends up on the floor and bleeding). Amuro also seems to know Jujutsu, from his time at the police academy; jujustsu is generally taught to Tokyo police officers to help them in the immobilization of suspects and arrests. Wataru Date says Amuro was the strongest student at the police academy.

Mine clearance

Amuro is described as being good at defusing bombs. In film 20, he explains that he learned everything he knows at the Police Academy, under the supervision of his friend Jinpei Matsuda.


Amuro is a very good cook.


Bourbon's first mission was to find the escaped scientist, Shiho Miyano. Amuro also had a second secret mission, fueled by the idea that only he was capable of killing Shuichi Akai; so Amuro received permission from the boss to check whether Akai was really dead. He approached the FBI as Akai's double, using a disguise made by Vermouth, to check their reactions. He also became Kogoro Mouri's apprentice, believing the detective to be connected to Sherry (this link between Sherry and Kogoro had already been suspected because of the transmitter Gin found under Kir's shoe after Kogoro had solved a case at the latter's house. This transmitter, embedded in chewing gum, was the same as the one Gin discovered in his car).

At present, Bourbon thinks that Shiho has been killed. He also thought Akai was dead until a mysterious man, hidden by smoke, threw a grenade at him on the Mystery Train. Bourbon asked Vermouth again for the detailed files on Akai's death. Bourbon also decided to remain Kogoro's apprentice, because he noticed that Conan was the real mastermind behind "Sleeping Kogoro", which aroused his curiosity. Later, at Scarlet Showdown, Amuro received confirmation that Akai was alive and well, and realized that the person who had hatched the plan to fake Akai's death was Conan. Nevertheless, Conan succeeded in deceiving Amuro as to Akai's new identity as Subaru Okiya. This does not entirely erase Amuro's suspicions of Okiya.

Its deployment

Undercover CIA agent, Kir manages to inform Jodie Starling , that a new member called Bourbon has been deployed to search for Sherry , and that he's an agent very good at deduction, and information gathering. Jodie informs Conan. He seems concerned, but says nothing to Haibara about it.

Scar Akai

Before Bourbon appeared as Tooru Amuro, he disguised himself as Akai, with a large burn on his face, thanks to the help of Vermouth . In this disguise, he approached Shuichi Akai's close friends to ascertain from their reactions whether he was really dead. Bourbon first used his disguise to approach Jodie Starling at the Teito bank, then André Camel at the Beika shopping mall. He also sent Kogoro a message with his deduction about a case, using a phone borrowed from one of the spectators.

Introducing Amuro

Amuro is hired by a bride-to-be, Hatsune Kamon, to investigate whether her future husband, Raita Banba, is cheating on her. For her investigation, Amuro asks Kamon to have their pre-wedding party at the restaurant, Ristorante Sundayrino, where he works as a waiter. He deliberately drops cake on Banba's pants, trying to make him uncomfortable if he wants to approach a woman later. Banba drinks heavily and Amuro has to point out that his phone is ringing.

Banba goes to the bathroom to meet the person who called him, detective Sanji Haruka, whom Banba has hired to find out whether Kamon is cheating on her or not. Sanji has followed his fiancée and discovered her encounter with Amuro. So Sanji thinks, even though it's a mistake, that Kamon is having an affair with Amuro. Banba is furious with Amuro and starts beating him. Later, Kamon dies in a burning car. Banba accuses Amuro. Amuro denies it and says that Banba may have been trying to disguise the injuries he received fighting Kamon, by doing the same to Amuro. Amuro then takes off his glasses and reveals that he's a private detective, hired by Kamon, not his lover.

After Amuro correctly deduces that Sanji is a detective hired by Banba, Kogoro accuses Amuro of driving Kamon to suicide by telling him that her husband was a womanizer, but Amuro denies having contacted Kamon by telephone. Amuro accuses Banba of being the murderer, which deeply upsets the latter. Amuro dodges his blow and asks Kogoro to hold Banba's legs so he can look at his shoes. Conan deduces that Kamon's death was really a suicide. Amuro continues to accuse Banba, even more so after the arrival of the DNA tests, but Conan prevents his arrest by using "Kogoro l'endormi". Amuro initially confronts Kogoro's deduction, but finally accepts his explanation.

A day later, Amuro starts work as a waiter at Café Poirot, below Detective Mouri's agency. He asks Kogoro if he can become his apprentice, telling him that he has quite a bit of money, and that he's willing to pay if Kogoro will take him with him on cases. The amount makes Kogoro flinch, and he immediately accepts.

Murder at the Mouri Detective Agency

As Kogoro , Ran and Conan watch the news about a recent burglary, Amuro drops by the agency with sandwiches after finishing his day's work at Café Poirot. After commenting on the burglary, Amuro says he wants to know what Kogoro's new case is, having deduced from his appearance that Kogoro has a new case. Kogoro receives a message from a customer asking him to change the location of the meeting at Café Columbo, and Amuro goes with them, after changing into his work clothes. At the Columbo, Kogoro explains to Amuro that the customer's request is to find the locker to which a certain key belongs. The customer doesn't show up, so Amuro, Kogoro, Conan and Ran go back to the Mouri agency to check that the customer isn't there. When Amuro arrives at the agency, he and Conan notice that someone has broken in, and seems to have intercepted the customer. Remaining outside, Amuro explains his deductions, and indicates that the culprit is in the toilet.

Furuya Rei: Những Bí Mật Về Học Viên Ưu Tú Tooru Amuro

Before Amuro can open the bathroom door, a shot rings out, and Conan rushes inside to find a dead man, who has apparently committed suicide. A woman arrives and explains that the man was questioning her about a key and a locker, and then surely killed himself when Kogoro returned earlier. But Amuro and Conan suspect her of lying, and possibly killing the man.

Amuro questions the young woman a little, and Megure points out to Kogoro that it's yet another detective detective, hovering around him. Curious, Amuro wonders who these other detectives are, and hears about a young girl. Amuro offers the woman a ride home, having postponed the interrogation until the following day. Conan, Ran and Kogoro also come. At the woman's house, Conan, Amuro and Kogoro say they need to use the toilet and go inside. Ran turns on his phone and immediately receives a call from Sera , who is worried that she hasn't heard from him since the murder. The call encounters a lot of interference, and Amuro suddenly closes Ran's cell phone, announcing that the place is bugged, which interferes with the phone's signal. Amuro takes out a bug detector and starts cleaning the house. Ran, Amuro and Kogoro find several microphones before finding a large suitcase, under the bed, from which emanates a horrible odor. They open the suitcase and find a body inside.

Shortly afterwards, it is revealed that the culprit was in fact the woman, who sent Kogoro a message claiming to have Conan in her hands. During the investigation, they find a video containing a wealth of information about the burglary. Amuro believes that the apartment belongs to one of the burglars. Ran wonders why such a good detective needs to become his father's apprentice. However, Amuro replies that Kogoro was only testing him, and that he still has a lot to learn.Later, they decide to check the house's password-protected computer. Amuro discovers that the password is hidden under the desk, but instead of giving it out directly, he chooses to get Kogoro and Ran to talk. After gaining access to the computer, they find out the identity and location of the third burglar. It's the place where Conan's kidnapper must have gone. They drive to the address while Sera follows. However, while they're on their way, they learn that Conan and the slayer are in danger, kidnapped by the third burglar. Amuro skids his car on purpose to stop them. In the end, the burglar is knocked out by Sera, and Conan is saved. Amuro, Sera and Subaru (driving Agasa and Haibara) are all seen receiving a mysterious phone call. Vermouth calls Bourbon, and comments on the scene, saying that he has earned their trust, and that she expects him to keep his promise to her.

Day off

Amuro has the day off. After Amuro's encounter with Sera in the previous case, he notices that she looks like Akai, so Amuro disguises himself as Akai again to check her reaction. However, like Jodie and Camel before her, Sera was shocked to see him.

Wataru Date

Conan and the junior detectives meet Amuro, who is on his way to the police station following Conan's kidnapping case. Since his car crashed into the culprit's, he's been called to the station to fill out some paperwork, so the police can determine whether his action was over the top. He expresses his disappointment at not being able to meet Professor Agasa with them. He also says that he had another purpose in coming to the station, but when Conan asks what it is, Amuro claims that "it's already gone".

During this episode, Takagi is kidnapped, and recalls memories of his mentor, Wataru Date, who died a year ago, saying that Date was the best student at the police academy. However, Date has always denied this, telling Takagi that he was always number 2. He also said that neither his brain nor his muscles were comparable to those of Number 1, who was a gentleman. Later, it's revealed that the person Date is talking about is Amuro. He leaves a toothpick on Date's grave and watches Takagi and Sato mourn in front of it. Before leaving, he deletes a message Date sent him, thinking "Rest in peace, my friend...".

Sherry in the cabin
Ran and Kogoro are served by Amuro at Café Poirot. Kogoro tells Amuro that Conan and the Junior Detectives have gone camping in Gunma and that they'll send photos later on Kogoro's computer. When Sera calls Ran to ask what kind of vehicle Agasa drives, Amuro listens in. Later that night, Amuro sneaks into Detective Mouri's agency and logs on to Kogoro's computer using the password Kogoro inadvertently gave him in a previous case. Instead of the photos of the Junior Detectives' ride he was expecting, he sees a video sent by someone (Mitsuhiko) showing Shiho Miyano rescuing Ayumi from a burning shack. He's shocked, and zooms in on her hand to notice that she's wearing a ring enabling her to board the Bell Tree Express. Amuro then realizes that Kogoro's computer is being hacked by someone, and wonders who. Amuro informs Vermouth that Shiho is in Gunma and will be boarding the Mystery Train, who in turn informs Gin .
The Mystery Train

Amuro appears on the train when he meets Ran and the others. When asked what he's doing there, Amuro claims to have won his tickets in an online auction, and that he met Kogoro in the dining car who told him about the case. When Masumi Sera rushes off to find Scar Akai (Vermouth ), we see Amuro contact Vermouth to tell him she was going his way. He then arrives when Conan (via Kogoro l'endormi) begins his deduction about the culprit. After the culprit confesses, Vermouth activates pyrotechnic effects along the train, creating smoke, with the aim of trapping Ai Haibara (who she believes has transformed back into Shiho Miyano). Amuro then meets up with Sherry, and introduces himself as Bourbon. He wonders if he knows her, to which she replies that he was the rival of her sister's boyfriend, Dai Moroboshi (Shuichi Akai ). Amuro begins to gloat, saying he knew Akai was FBI and couldn't believe he was dead. He then tells her that he decided to disguise himself as Akai in front of those who were close to him, even though he had asked Vermouth to disguise himself as him on the train. From this, he concluded that Akai was really dead.

Threatening Shiho with his gun, he told her to go to the 8th carriage, so that he could untie it with explosives and then take her, alive, back to the Organization. However, Shiho reveals that there are a lot of explosives in the wagon, and Amuro realizes that Vermouth has put them there, because she wants to get rid of Sherry for good. However, before he can do anything about it, a mysterious man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Akai arrives from behind and throws a grenade to detach the 8th wagon. Amuro dodges the explosive, unhurt, and the 8th carriage explodes, but Shiho (who is, in reality, Kaito Kid in disguise), manages to escape. Amuro believes Sherry is dead. He then rejoins Vermouth and asks him to give him the files on before and after Akai's death. He says to himself that he must start again from the first step, while Subaru Okiya looks on in silence.

Meeting at the tennis club

After the events of the Mystery Train, Amuro took sick leave from the Poirot café. Conan took this as a sign that he had no plans to return. However, to Conan's horror, Amuro asked Kogoro if he and Sonoko wanted tennis lessons. He meets them at the tennis court and reveals that he'll be returning to work at Café Poirot the following week. When a player accidentally drops his tennis racket, Amuro tries to warn Conan that it's about to hit him, but Conan is unable to avoid it in time. Conan is knocked unconscious, and Amuro rushes to him to give him first aid before the doctor arrives. When Conan wakes up, he realizes that he has been moved inside the house of the person who hit him with his racket. After apologizing, the person in question asks if Amuro, Sonoko and the Mouri would like to play tennis with them. Conan decides to leave to take a nap in a room, but a thud wakes him up; he discovers that one of the players has been murdered and that the body is trapped in the room with him. Worried by the noise, Amuro picks the lock and tries to open the door, but Conan yells to stop as there's a body just beyond the door. When the police arrive to investigate, Amuro helps them.

detective conan

As Conan prepares to put Kogoro to sleep, Amuro becomes suspicious, stooping to analyze Conan's watch, which prevents him from using it. Conan is forced to give clues to lead Kogoro and the police to the right deduction. After the affair, Amuro and Vermouth have a telephone conversation. Vermouth asks him why he's sticking with Detective Mouri's agency when there's no need, since they've already taken care of Sherry . Amuro replies that he's interested in sleeping Kogoro. As he says this, he thinks of Conan, implying that he suspects him of being behind "Sleeping Kogoro".

An icy-smooth delivery service

The Junior Detectives are trapped in a refrigerated delivery truck with a cat, a corpse, and two murderous delivery men. Unable to call for help, and with no other options, Conan decides to try sending Amuro a message using the cat and a receipt. The receipt flies out, and before he realizes it's from Conan, Amuro searches for it using a special application on his phone. Amuro then locates the refrigerated truck. The Organization member decides to pretend he's found them by chance, and not because he's decoded the message on the receipt. He asks the two delivery men to leave a path because the street is narrow. When the children see him, they call for him to come and help them, and Amuro, playing dumb, asks what the children are doing there. One of the murderers then orders Amuro to get into the truck, but Bourbon immediately hits him, knocking him out. The remaining murderer backs off and Amuro ties him up while asking Conan to call the police. The children reveal that they are near Agasa's house, which interests Amuro. Haibara manages to stay behind the other children, unnoticed by Amuro. For his part, Okiya observes the whole scene from the window of Shinichi's house.

Jodie gathers her memories

Suspecting them of having important information for his investigation, Amuro follows Conan and Jodie and tries to approach them under the guise of someone else. With Vermouth's help, he disguises himself as a man called Touhei Benzaki, after knocking him out. Amuro doesn't know it, but the real Benzaki has had his wallet stolen by a thief.

In front of Conan and Jodie, Amuro claims to be the husband of the woman who had to blindfold Jodie during the bank robbery, in which he himself was a victim. He also claims to have seen Scar Akai a few days earlier, to which Conan and Jodie react strongly. Jodie immediately grabs Amuro's arm and questions him about where it happened, while he takes the opportunity to secretly place a listening device inside the sleeve of his coat. Suddenly, the thief approaches them and tries to steal Jodie's wallet. She recognizes Benzaki and worries that he'll be able to figure out what she's doing, but Amuro pays her no mind. Afterwards, he says he can't remember where he saw Scar Akai, because of his cold. During the conversation with Jodie, Amuro learns that Akai loves to drink coffee cans, and dropped one when the Organization was trying to attack Haido Central Hospital. Jodie also implies that she knows Scar Akai and the real Akai are not the same person. She gives Amuro her telephone number and asks him to contact her if he remembers anything.

Later, the thief is murdered by one of her victims, and Amuro (as Touhei Benzaki) unwittingly becomes one of the suspects. Thanks to the bugging system, Amuro is able to overhear Jodie and Conan's conversations, in which she mentions how Conan helped expose the Organization's spy, Rikumichi Kusuda, using her phone.

At the end of the case, the culprit is arrested, and Conan shows his surprise because Benzaki wasn't able to recognize the thief the second time he saw him, asking if he has bad eyesight. Amuro evades the question by saying he was there to buy lucky charms, not to see the flowers. Vermouth , imitating the appearance of the woman who blindfolded Jodie, joins them, and explains that the lucky charms were for their baby. She pretends to have morning sickness so she can take over the listening device on Jodie's sleeve, and invents an excuse for them to leave the crime scene immediately. Amuro then returns the stolen wallet to the real Benzaki and leaves with Vermouth.

Inside the car, Amuro and Vermouth chat for a while. She wonders if he's learned anything interesting from Jodie. Amuro says he's learned an "exciting story", but won't share the details with Vermouth until he has proof. He only comments, saying Conan is "a terrifying boy."

Bourbon espionage

Conan suspects that the couple who approached him and Jodie are actually Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise. He decides to call Haibara to confirm whether or not she's smelled the Organization members recently, unaware that Amuro has been watching him from a street corner.

A tense tea party

Amuro goes to Haido Central Hospital, and meets Conan and Kogoro, who were visiting Eri Kisaki. Amuro says he's there to collect money borrowed from Rikumichi Kusuda, and asks Conan if he knows him. He makes Conan uncomfortable by pointing out that Conan is a very special person. He investigates with Conan and the police, and solves the case together with Conan.

Furuya Rei: Những Bí Mật Về Học Viên Ưu Tú Tooru Amuro

The Case of the Attack on a Professor
Scarlet Shodown

During Scarlet Showdown, Bourbon shows up at the Kudo house on the day of the awards ceremony to which Yusaku Kudo is invited. Yusaku Kudo leaves his henchmen in the street, and enters the house, greeted by Subaru Okiya. Bourbon revolves around the case, telling an innocent Okiya about Shuichi Akai, who continues to drink his tea while listening to Bourbon talk about the super-agent, who is said to have survived a bullet to the head thanks to a blood bag and a blank gun made by Professor Agasa. As Bourbon asks Akai to remove his mask to show his true face - Bourbon thinking Okiya was Akai - Okiya removes the mask he was wearing for his cold, and manages to speak normally, proving that his medical mask did not contain a voice modifier. At the same moment, Bourbon's men chase Camel and Jodie's car, back to the place where Akai "died". Bourbon, still trying to unmask Akai, receives a call from his men telling him that the notorious Akai is inside the FBI car. Bourbon, unnerved, realized he'd been mistaken in his deduction and immediately left the house, apologizing, not noticing the ruse used by Conan and his parents (yes, Conan had asked his mother to make his father look like Subaru, to erase any suspicion that Akai was in fact Subaru). Meanwhile, Akai, caught up in the car chase between Bourbon's men and the FBI, shot out the tire of an enemy vehicle and managed to stop them all, so that he could speak to Bourbon via the telephone of one of his men, to make him understand that he knew his identity and his objectives in the Organization. When everyone had gone home, Akai spoke to his colleagues to inform them of a new arrival in the Organization, code-named Rum, who turned out to be quite high up in the organization. Finally, in the last scene of the anime episode, Conan enters Coffee Poirot (where Bourbon was working as a waiter undercover) and smilingly calls Bourbon a "liar", to which Bourbon smiles back, "And you're the one who said that? In other words, this scene represents a handshake between Conan and his ex-enemy, who became allies because he had surely finally understood the true place of "Bourbon".

Relationship analysis

Wataru Date

Wataru Date and Tooru Amuro were friends at the police academy. Amuro was the most gifted student, while Date came second. While Date became a police officer, Amuro went elsewhere and lost contact with Date for unknown reasons. Date's last message to Amuro asked him where he was and reprimanded him for rarely giving news. Amuro is shown visiting Date's grave, leaving a toothpick in respect for Date; Date used to have them.

Conan Edogawa

Amuro seems to respect Conan's intelligence and also seems to keep an eye on him. He protected Conan when he was disguised as a Scar Akai at the Teito bank, and has also helped him when Conan is kidnapped, or when he nurses him back to health after taking a racket. Before he knew he was Bourbon, Conan was generally friendly to Amuro. After the events of the Mystery Train, dealing with an Amuro who hangs out with them has become bizarre for Conan, especially as he's concerned for Ran and Kogoro's safety.

Although his mission concerning Sherry is over, Amuro has decided to investigate Conan. Amuro seems to know that Conan is using Kogoro as a puppet to present his deductions. He also overheard a conversation between Jodie and Conan about how the latter helped the FBI when Kir was at Haido Central Hospital.

Since it's been revealed that Amuro is actually a member of the Japanese secret police, he and Conan seem to get on well, respecting and protecting each other. At Amuro's request, Conan won't tell Heiji his real identity, contenting himself with describing Amuro as "a detective apprentice of Kogoro".

Kogoro Mouri

Bourbon is Kogoro Mouri's apprentice. While he initially thought Mouri was a great detective, he soon realized that Conan was the one pulling the strings. He remains his apprentice, and uses his close relationship with Mouri to enquêter sur Conan.

Shuichi Akai

Shuichi Akai and Bourbon are enemies. It is stated that Bourbon hates Akai more than Gin hates him. Bourbon believes he is the only one capable of killing Akai, and refused to believe that Akai was dead. Akai's feelings towards Bourbon are unknown, but while they are surely mutual, they are not as extreme on Akai's side. The reason for their conflict stems from an old story with a PSB member named "Scotch", who seemed to be friends with Bourbon. Akai is said to have killed Scotch, as shown in file 897.


Vermouth and Bourbon seem quite close (as two such secretive characters can be) and are often in contact. Bourbon specializes in information gathering, so he probably belongs to the same reconnaissance division in the Organization as Vermouth. While it's unclear whether Bourbon is Vermouth's subordinate, she seems to follow his actions during his missions, while he informs her of his discoveries and future plans. Vermouth helped Bourbon disguise himself to resemble Akai so that he could investigate his enemy's death. Bourbon made an unknown promise to Vermouth (we find out later that he promised not to hurt Conan or Ran), and she calls him to see if he'll keep it after the detectives' night chase (Manga: 796-800; Anime: 671-674).


Gin doesn't like Bourbon's personality. He particularly dislikes the fact that Bourbon is such a secretive person, always doing what he pleases. However, Gin respects Bourbon's powers of deduction. The two members don't seem to be in touch with each other, since Gin has no idea what Bourbon is up to.

Akemi Miyano

Akemi Miyano and Amuro seem to have met at some point because Akemi told Shiho that Amuro had a rivalry with Akai.

Shiho Miyano

Amuro doesn't seem to have any particular hostility towards Shiho, unlike other members of the Organization. He tried to capture her alive, instead of killing her, regretting having to resort to violence. Amuro says he met Elena and Atsushi Miyano when they were alive. Amuro doesn't know that Shiho is Ai Haibara. He therefore believes that Sherry is dead.

Masumi Sera

Amuro first meets Sera when Conan is kidnapped. After they both rescue Conan, he becomes very surprised when he sees her, wondering what she's doing there. The next day, he doesn't show up for work. Amuro sees Sera a second time, and notices that she resembles Shuichi Akai . To confirm his theory, Amuro disguises himself again as Scar Akai to see how she reacts. When Sera sees him in the crowd, she rushes towards him, like Jodie and Camel before her. She runs after him but he disappears before she can catch him. Ran wonders who Sera was chasing, and Sera replies that she thought she'd seen someone she knew. Sera thinks, however, that it would have been impossible for the person she saw to be the person she thinks of. Amuro watches her from a little further away, confirming his suspicion that Sera is connected to Akai.

Elena Miyano

Elena and Tooru seemed close when Tooru was a child. She knew his first name was "Rei", and called him "Rei-kun". She seemed to look after him when he got into fights and received bruises. Elena is the first person Tooru mentions when he meets Sherry on the Mystery Train, proving that she had a big impact on him.

Jinpei Matsuda

They know each other from the police academy. Tooru/Rei is the one who taught him how to defuse bombs. This ultimately led to his death, and saved hundreds of lives.

Origin of its name

Tooru Amuro's name is inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam. It's taken from the name of the main character Amuro Ray, and the actor who voices Amuro: Tohru Furuya. The latter also voices Bourbon in the anime. Her real name, Rei Furuya, comes from the surname of Amuro's voice actor: Tohru Furuya.

His nickname Cero (or Zero) comes from the fact that his first name Rei means zero in Japanese.



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