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Alphonse Elric figure - Fullmetal Alchemist™

Alphonse Elric figure - Fullmetal Alchemist™

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Figure of Alphonse Elric, the famous state alchemist in search of the Philosopher's Stone as well as the main character of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Characterization: Alphonse Elric
  • Size : 16 cm
  • Figure: High-endand durable
  • Design: Following the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Alphonse Elric is the second main character of Fullmetal Alchemist. He is the younger son ofTrisha Elric and Van Hohenheim, and the younger brother of Edward Elric.

He and his brother were victims of a failed Human transmutation experiment, which caused him to lose his entire body left at the foot of the Gate of Truth. To save him, Ed sealed Alphonse's soul in a suit of armor that was nearby with his own blood. Now he travels the country with his brother, with the ultimate goal of finding the Philosopher's Stone.

Become a true alchemist of genius recognized throughout the land and go on a quest for the Philosopher's Stone by owning your very own figure of the Alphonse Elric and transform your room into a Shonen universe.

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go for it

This action figure is really cool . Quality was great.

Good one

thank you very much

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