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Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 Top - Beyblade Burst QuadDrive™

Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 Top - Beyblade Burst QuadDrive™

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Beyblade doll Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 from the anime Beyblade Burst QuadDrive™

Information on Destruction Belfyre B7:

  • Puce Drive: Belfyre B7
  • Blade: Destruction
  • Gravity Ring: 2
  • Forged disk: Nexus-Q
  • Performance Tip: Revolve-Q
  • Point of Armor: Quake
  • Product Code: F4068
  • Type: Endurance
  • Type in Plus Mode: Attack
  • Rotation: Right
  • System: QuadDrive
  • Series/season: Beyblade Burst QuadDrive (season 6)
  • Booster: Top with Beyblade Burst launcher
  • Brand: Hasbro

Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 is an Endurance and Attack Beyblade that is part of the Burst system as well as the QuadDrive system.

The Belfyre B7 from Hasbro is a right-spinning Drive Chip that features the face of Drive Chip's namesake, the Demon King. It is a horizontally oriented drive chip. Belfyre B7 has a standard weight for Drive Chips and medium burst strength. Like other Drive chips, its burst strength is not comparable to the GT chips released in the HyperSphere system. This low burst strength issue is compounded by the light weight of the QuadDrive system layers, making them even easier to burst than usual.

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good one

this is a nice Beyblade top

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