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Eren Airpods Case - Attack on Titan™

Eren Airpods Case - Attack on Titan™

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Airpods shell of the character Eren from the anime The attack on titan

  • Function: Protects and secures Airpods
  • Model: Airpods 1, 2 Format: Slip-on case Material: Silicone

Eren Jäger is a member of the Exploration Battalion and the protagonist, and later the main antagonist of the series. He lived in the Shiganshina District with his parents and Mikasa Ackerman until the fall of the Maria Wall. During the incident, Eren helplessly witnesses the death of his mother by the hand of a Titan. This event arouses in Eren an intense hatred for the Titans, the latter wanting to eradicate every last one of them.⛩

Because one of these shells is never enough, we highly recommend you complete your collection with our line of airpods shell on the anime attack on titan. If you want to get completely immersed in the anime universe, come take a look at our iPhone shell collection on SNK, you'll find what you're looking for.

Company your anime shells of a figure from the shonen Shingeki No Kyiojin and be sure to become a true Otaku!

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