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Figure Shoto Todoroki Fire and Ice - My Hero Academia™

Figure Shoto Todoroki Fire and Ice - My Hero Academia™

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Figure of Shoto TodorokiFire and Ice, a character from the anime My Hero Academia.

  • anime: My Hero Academia
  • Character: Shoto TODOROKI in combat mode
  • Height : 18cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design : True to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Shoto's Alter allows him to master pyrokinesis and cryokinesis: the left side of his body allows him to generate flames and the right side, ice. The limbs on his right side can also allow him to lower the temperature of what he touches, enough to create large waves of ice. The limbs on his left side generate heat and allow Shoto to create and throw flames. His Alter has no visible side effects when it reaches its limit, except that the ice creates frostbite on his body and he begins to shake.

The main drawback of his Alter lies in the fact that Shoto is forced to keep his body temperature stable, with excessive use of his ice causing Shoto to get cold bites. The frost covering his body slows him down physically and weakens the power and speed of his frozen attacks. On the other hand, this weakness can be countered by his flames, to counteract the low temperature. But if he uses this technique for too long, his body overheats and can burn. Similarly, this weakness can be countered with the right side of his body to counteract the high temperature.

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Customer Reviews

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Tremendous Quality

Efforts are seen in this figure it is so good

Andrew Winston
Love it

I love this one. What a beast this Todoroki is.

Henry Kean
Love it

Got my stepson this cool Todoroki figure.

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