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Figure Taki with Mitsuha - Your Name™

Figure Taki with Mitsuha - Your Name™

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Figure ofTaki with Mitsuha the protagonists of the famous animated film Your Name™.

  • anime: Your Name™
  • Characters:Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Size: 22cm
  • Figure: Top of the line and durable
  • Design:Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

⛩ The story of Your Name begins when a comet appears and mysteriously affects and connects the lives of two teenagers of the same age, a boy in the big, bustling city of Tokyo and a girl in a country village where life is slow but idyllic. They discover, for unknown reasons, that they wake up in each other's bodies for weeks at a time. At first, they both think these experiences are just vivid dreams, but when the reality of their situation sinks in, they learn to adapt and even enjoy it.

You too want to have a romantic adventure, so get the figures of Taki Tachibanaand Mitsuha Miyamizu and turn your room into a real Shonen world.

We invite you to discover our complete collection of figure Your Name which will make you the most Otaku hero in america. For any other anime figure or accessories, take a look at our range figureand goodies anime. ⛩

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