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Kuki Urie POP Figure - Tokyo Ghoul™

Kuki Urie POP Figure - Tokyo Ghoul™

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POP figure of Kuki Urie from the animeTokyo Ghoul Re™, iChief Inspector of the CCG, but also the head of Quinckes Group, as well as the head of S2 Group.

  • anime: Tokyo Ghoul™
  • Character: Kuki Urie
  • Size: 12 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: True to the anime

Kuki Urie is a Chief Inspector of the GCC, but also the leader of the Quinckes Group, as well as the leader of the S2 Group.

Urie, himself, describes himself as a cold-blooded person. His facial expression is monotone the majority of the time. As an investigator, he seems to be very dedicated to his work, to the point where he can seem ruthless, slaughtering more ghouls than necessary, which is a habit for which he is often reprimanded.

After the operation to exterminate the Tsukiyama clan, Urie is appointed as the leader of the Quinckes Group, so he becomes a more respectable leader. Urie, although still insulting, takes better care of his partners and spends more time with them. It was the death of one of his comrades, Ginshi Shirazu, that forced him to think, which makes him a better leader.

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nice product

love the quality

amazing product

love it. thank you

I absolutely love this pop figure.

its so cool .thank you soo much

nice product

thank you

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