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Obanai Iguro Katana - Demon Slayer™

Obanai Iguro Katana - Demon Slayer™

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Sword of Obanai Iguro the serpent pillar of the demon slayer army, "Serpent Blade". Ibanai Iguro became a true legend of the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba™ after his battles against the demon army.

  • Anime : Demon Slayer
  • Character: Obanai Iguro
  • Aword: Blade of the serpent
  • Size: 104 cm
  • Material: PU stainless black powder-coated, wood

Obanai is a very tough and strict individual who shows no concern for those who do not abide by the conduct of the Demon Slayer Army.

His expectations of his fellow Demon Slayers are almost unrealistic, chastising Tengen Uzui for suffering heavy injuries against the "weakest" senior rank and telling him to "fight to the death" when Tengen insists on retiring. In reality, the Demon Slayer Corps had gone 113 years without killing a Higher Rank, and Shinobu Kocho later estimates that each Higher Rank equals three Hashira's in strength.

Be a part of the demon-slaying army too and become a pillar by owning your own Obanai Iguro statuette and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

We invite you to discover our complete collection of demon slayer anime figure which will make you the most Otaku hero in america. For any other anime product, take a look at our range figure and anime goodies.

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